Thursday, September 18, 2014

Latest update

Helllooooooooo peopleeeee (or prolly no people, so helloooo nobahdy) I am back HAHAHAA well it has been ages since my last post. So here I am, rambling about my boring life. Ah, I'm on my sem break currently, and I tots had nothing to do. Rotten at home, basically. How I really, REALLY REALLY wish I had all the money and company to travel somewhere. We could go to Bali, we could go to Krabi, we could go to anywhere we want. But sigh, me has not much money and absolutely lacking in good company too. Horrible combo, isnt it? I wish I am brave enuf and got the blessings (from my parents, of kuz) to just travel solo to someplace like Penang or Thailand. 

Thing is, I am actually gutted and disappointed with my small circle of friends back in my pathetic uni. I know I'm being selfish most of the times, but you would rarely see me saying no to my friends request like to go shopping, eating out or even travelling (which is like very very rare tho). But then cmon lah, dont cancel something right in the eleventh hour when you had made everyone else excited about the trip, Total bullshit I tell ya. Things I surely will never forget till I die. 

And there goes another type of people, the kind that do not know how to enjoy life while you're young and free. All they know is just saving money (to do what lah I also dont know), being stingy all the time, always took advanteages of other peoples rights, (yes I am talking about food rights) and always said NO to your invitations to go somewhere. Sucks as hell. Its miserable to think of the near future tho. It makes me scared, bcs I'm afraid I will be up to major disappointments. Be fun people, BE FUN. You only live once. 

Ah, all those above are generalised opinions of mine okay, not meant to offend anyone (not that I think anyone will ever read this LOL)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

IKEA foods + Dip n Dip @ The Curve

Last month when my couzie from JB came down to KL, it was definitely a must for us to meet-up and jjcm togethaa hehee..So here we go, IKEA and Dip n Dip! 

our food..nyums

then we had the soft-serve ice cream in IKEA too

with ma partner-in-crime

Dip n Dip for that sweet ending..Thankfully its in The Curve which is just within walking distance from IKEA

hot choc with marshmallows 

moi..caramel frappe yums

dessert of the day, brownies crepes. with chocolate sauce on top and choc brownies as the fillings of the fluffy crepe, OH GOD. Strictly for sharing (two-person) tho. 


another page of the menu..

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Chinoz On The Park @ KLCC

Early February punya cerita..Went outing to KLCC with this granma bitch from Borneo, meet-up after more than 6 months! HAHA

we just used LRT since its easier...well to avoid KL traffics and ridiculous parking fees actually LOL

Lunch at Chinoz on The Park, KLCC. Starter. Niceee

too sourish drinks. 

so-so Pappardelle with pretty tough meatballs :/  

oh how looks can be deceiving 

we were so hungry still so we decided to go for 2nd luch here, At Milano, Signature KLCC.

yummmmyy yet dirt cheap HAHA

Gong Cha! 

and of too hehee

to quench the thirst on such an overwhelmingly hot day