Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Counting days

As i'm sitting in front of my lappy right now, with #np songs of LAST DAY BEFORE HOLIDAY (bet u guys never heard of this band though? their songs are awesome!) im also counting my days. Days to get my ass off to college!! urgh that means i have to wake up early almost every day!! FUCK! these long long holidays def have made me lazier lazier lazier. sheezz now i think i have to practise to wake up early and, to SLEEP EARLY also! paiseh lately the earliest that i could wake up is around 9am ++ (tu pun sebab ada urusan, kalau tak jangan haraplah sampai ke petang aku balun tidur). But looking on the bright sight, when i go to college (wake up early thats it) i think i may be able to slim down my body! coz yes, its true ive gained weight! bitchy sleeping too long+eating too much+no exercise at all really made me quite depressed in the end! take note of this yap, dont try to repeat these again.

n btw i just know that INTEC actually stands for International Education College not CENTRE! which ive always thought. well actually the name college was only changed in 2010. There'll be a few of my friends and acquintances n haters (maybe?) who will also get their ass off to INTEC. Some of them, thank goodness, are quite good friends of mine, n i feel comfortable having chit chat with them ekeke. Well, fyi they are Fitri my classmate n my groupmate,Alau n Asle my dormmates, (Alau was also sekatil dengan I okay time f4, hey its double decker!), Marsaid my old friend from SGB, Deepisha my long lost friend from SKSL, Hafiz Nur Salam my blockmate and last but not least Poji, a good friend of mine. Well all of them except Poji are doctors-to-be since they are going to take medicine while Poji and I are both aspiring pharmacist! ekeke.

But then, all of us will be going to take A-level Medicine for two years (Bitch too long!) in INTEC Shah Alam. Guess i'll be shah alam people then? hahahaa. Really hope tough that i could get some of them as my classmates, since i kinda dont really like to chit chat with strangers! esp with those that have attitudes that i do not like (annoying you know!) For Fitri and poji and alau and marsaid, be my roommate or my housemate plizz?? i really really hope that i could be roommate with Fitri or Poji in a twin room with single bed. n i dun want to be a roommate with pepel whom i regard as annoying. ekeke how choosy i am. Well then, i hope that all of us could succeed with our A-level n attain straight A's again in our Exam!

Me with Marsaid during our small 3rk1 reunion kinda
Me with Fitri on SASER Graduation Day.

Me with Poji in our graduation cloak? (jubah graduasi)