Monday, June 27, 2011

A hectic day!

I feel so guddamn tired right now! with lack of sleep + kakiku yg sengal2 + shopping and shopping and confusing (hehe im so not good in deciding) , it was super exhausting. But yet, fun! of kos la kan, dah serunuk bershopping hehe. plus got to eat good food later kikiki

Actually i went to restoran tomyam klasik somewhere near ayer keroh (i think?) on 1pm to go to a wedding. my god the place is quite terrific but, it was raining badly that time! arghh how i hate it, my topman shoes got wet okay? TG the food is splendid! n then after eating yada yada yada we went to Aeon Melaka (we called it jusco baru) that i think is waaaayyy better than the old jusco in ayer keroh which lacks of choice! this is def what i hate the most in any malls : lack of choice esp to me, mens clothings! hehe the initial plan was to buy my college stuffs : new clothes, pillow, cadar, toiletries etc etc. what i enjoy the most?? of kos to go shopping new clothes! heheehehee well but i only got 3 shirts n a pair of skinny.oh yes, n a new tie too. OMG i kenot believe that most of the shops got sale sale sale! its like everywhere! TG i was there today hehe. But  i only kinda regret that the bag which i bought a month before (no discount), got 20% off today! WTF!

me camwhoring inside the SODA store's fitting room hehe.
(yes ive cut my hair short, how i hate)

Later after shopping this and that, we just straight went to one of my fav restaurant i think, Sri Percik in Cheng. but too bad, my iced lai chee kang is soo tawar! last time was just good okay! u guys should add more sugar esp to people like me. I was so mengah yang amat since i had two meals for dinner : lamb chop n fish n chip. (plus some of the sotong kangkung plus the extremely delicious Mee Bandung Muar from my father's that i kidnap sedikit hehe) So here are few pictures that i managed to grab as memories for me okkayy.

Sotong Kangkung. Kinda my fav.

My fish n chip. Decent but pretty small :(

one of my most fav one. Lamb chop with coleslaw, mashed potato n tomato as u can see.

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