Thursday, June 30, 2011

Of tiny microscopic little things

#np songs of Amely (google it if u dont know) . OMG I woke up this morning (erk should i say this afternoon), at 2pm, again! apalah aku ni yesterday pun still woke up late. oh btw i am so pening with all these jpa stuffs yang tak sudah ni! n then since i've deactivated my facebook, then it means i really have so miniscule source to keep me updated about all the intecs stuffs thingy. well whateva, thanks to ftri n poji, u guys really help me a lot! now the things that need to be done by friday is:

  1.  get myself 10 new copies of passport pictures (since ive lost 10 of them at The Zone Hotel KL during FELDA interview)
  2. Get all the copies ( sijil koku, berhenti sekolah, IC copies, salinan medical checkup etc etc) certified!
  3. Pay the intecs reg. bill (done!)

Well, i guess thats all? isnt it? ermm hopefully i wont leave anything unfinished.

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