Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food Food Food

hamboih, so delicious aite the topic of my post ni? well today there was a ruskoj+middle east+germany food sale  near Intec great hall .(fyi ruskoj stands for rusia korea japan). 

unfortunately for me, i just bought the cheezy roti impit ayamazz (nama kelakar beno) at the adfp cafe to taste it, turned out not so bad for me. rm5.80 in total together with my pearl iced cappucinno drink.OK then i went to the compound of intec great hall to watch the event or buy some food. 

OH my goth the pancakes (padahal lempeng aja) that i bought for rm4 at the russian booth was fcuked up! it was a mess, it was a disaster u know! ni kalau masuk top chef, gerenti kena laser dengan Tom Colicchio ni! shizz dah la tak sedap, and then the creme that they gave me were also so ciput! blehhhh..quote from pozzi : "aku masak pancake bluberry lagi sedap gini". vey2 right! nampaknya ternyatalah makanan Russia not delicious agaknya? 

OK OK moving on, my stomach still not full ni and my nafsu still bergelora gitu, so since i was so seduced by the food sold in the germany stall, i straight beli a set of sausages with mashed potato my love for rm5 (eh bahasa rojak sudah aku). well this one was quite worth it since its kinda delicious too! half thumbs up? so whatever, here are the pictures of the food.

the roti impit

gambar camwhoring haruss ada.

korea la apa lagi.

mep kot, inside dewan intec, main snap aja

rugi je rm4 aku beli this one!

rm5. satisfactory la.

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