Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Last Day

Today is the last day for me at home :(

After a long holidays for around 6 months, my holiday is finally over!!!

Now i really wish that tomorrow would be a great day, a better day for me. Hopefully i will get fitri/fauzi or some of my friends as my roommate/housemate. Please please please. Ive planned to reach my college in Shah Alam as early as possible so that i could (hopefully) pick my room and my roommate! 

Errmmm i feel so tired packing my things to be brought there, lotsa stuffs! clothes, shoes, mirror, pail, toiletries, hangers, tissues, erm did i miss anything else? i really really dont want to miss any important stuffs okay! hello my home is not that near to shah alam la. guess that my family maybe wont be able to fetch or to visit me as they always did back when i was in Seremban. well i think i may either go to my maklongs home or just go back home by bus afta this. lekaa and atul, i cant wait to go hang out with u guys!! INTEC Shah Alam, i'm coming babeh

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