Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lost in Kuala Lumpur : A Bad Day for us?

So yesterday, 16 of July, 2011, marked a very big (or bad?) day of my life in Shah Alam. thanks A LOT yeah shah alam for such not providing a cinema for us, again THANKS! oh yeah, back to the story, yesterday i woke up early just so that i will get to reach to my destination, Sunway Pyramid that is, as early as possible since i have a date with Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows : Part 2.

But due to the first mistake, a lot of troubles came afterwards! such a bitch punya bas U80! we were mistaken to take the U80 bus (big big mistake if u are actually heading to sunway pyramid) which goes to KL/Pasar Seni. okay taking this bus actually is not a big issue for us but problem just got worser when we missed the KL Sentral !! arghhh i kenot believe that i am such an idiot of not realizing the kl sentral all the while i knew that its just around Brickfields! I knew it! the bus driver tu pun satu, lenkali please la stop at the proper stop in KL sentral, or at least announce la that the bus had reached KL sentral. Ni tidak, simply stop near bangunan under construction with fugly looking apa tah, of koz we were expecting KL sentral to be like a mega-beautiful complex rite? not like an under-cconstruction place like that paiseh...

And then we stopped at the final destination that is Pasar Seni (near petaling street tu) due to our (or my?) blurness about rapid kl bus system. OK since i saw the Kuala Lumpur KTM station just within walking distance from Pasar Seni, so we decided la to walk there to grab a train to KL sentral. ho yeah, another major problem arise, how awesome! the KTM is not usable! a damn crane just crashed upon the trains railway we had to go back to LRT Pasar Seni since thats the nearest (and saftest) to finally make our way to KL sentral.

then in ktm, i thought that it would be just another-normal ktm scene for me (thank goodness i got a seat!) but a drama happened. know what? a foreigner just lost his wallet due to the idiot mindless pick-pocketer! the foreigner was so enraged, he was mengamuk menjerit2 gitu..siap calling the police lagi,  "police! police! i need help! " jerit si foreigner yang pityful ni..sorry foreigner, this is Malaysia, and i am so so sorry for u. He said that he doesnt care about the money, all he cared is just his ID. Yup! true. ID is definitely very the important okay anak2..too bad for him, i just wished that he will be able to get his ID back and for the stupid asshole pick- pocketer, may u will suffer a whole lot for u as for karma, be it in this world or the afterworld.

We decided to just go to Midvalley since thats the nearest one la than sunway in Midvalley my main plan to watch HP just vanished *poof!* just like being avadacadabra-ed..Seeing the extremely loooong lines (sampai terkeluar dari line sekali tu cik oi!) same goes to Transformers 3 which i masih tak dapat nak nonton ni pity me as for my brunch, we went to Carls Jr, i had the satisfying double western bacon .... (panjang no namanye!), it was big and tasty okay..and the fries are so hot! then we (or I?) went for window shopping. Luckily Zara got quite a sale and i managed to get myself a new jacket hehe..then in the evening, after penat tawaf-ing the midvalley, we went to the food court since i was so thirsty! so since i was so craved of eating a good pasta, i pun apa lagi terus bought the delicious tantalizing fettucine carbonara there with guava juice.

then around 6m something, we all decided to go back to shah alam. BUT things just gone wrong when Azir and I were mistaken in buying the ktm ticket : we were supposed to buy tickets to Shah Alam station but we were so confused that we bought tickets to Batu Tiga station! Boohaa! so in the middle of that problem, we were also confused wether to just go batu tiga (even I dont know how far it is from Shah Alam?) or to simply risk our fortune (bad day anyone?) to stop in Shah Alam, hoping that the ktm officer wont realize that our tickets are "illegal". hrmmm as for my bad instinct ( having quite a day of bad luck ya know) so we in the end just bought another new tickets to Shah Alam. (oh yes i also got my medicine : blackforrest cheese from secret recipe yum yum).

Afterwards in Seksyen 2, Shah Alam, my friends and I bought some ABC from Frado ABC ( yang dikatakan pemes kununnya di Shah Alam ). ermmm for me, i think that the Abc just fell under the category "biasa-biasa" abc aja since theres nothing superbly awesome about this abc. i think its most suitable for the kids only , and its kinda too sweet for me i think. Plus, the air kelapa laut that i bought here is so fake! it  tasted like sugar only! and i just got dizzy after finishing up this drink! uweekk!! hey pakcik, gimme back my 1.7 ringgit! cisssss
anyway here are the pictures of that day.

at Carls Jr Midvalley

candid pic of mine ><


the awesome fries!

my double western bacon cheese burger (is it?)

me me me

camwhoring in Esprit

fettucine carbonara oh my!

which i was hungry but i wasnt :/

fettucine carbonara 2.0

poji's reflection of our bad day

ni lah ABC Frado tu (mine is bit cair)

ABC Frado from side view

my drugs :)

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