Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lost in Shah Alam

haiyo actually i dont really have the mood to write right now but since i do not think that i'll be as free as today 
(my class will start effing tomorrow!!) so its better to do it now..today was just another briefing sessions again from our head of A-Level programme, Madam Rita and other lecturers too. oh yeah the medium of instruction here in INTEC will be fully english, except germany,russia,korea,japanese for those who got to go to the respective countries of course..

erm ,, so yesterday, since i was so free from 10am, my friends and i decided to go touring around shah alam bandar anggerik kononnya..first we went to kompleks pkns which is helluva dead boring by taxi, and it costs us rm7.40 i think. 

since the pkns is insanely boring to death, (just like a gajah putih ya know) so cepat2 we all lari g to the next mall, SACC Mall..it does look grand (is it?) but then it just kinda boring too, only better la than the pkns tu..the shops are so damn unfair! mostly cater for womens apparel only! where are the guys clothings like topman, radioactive, zara etc dude! hrmp only british indias there which is so not my fav..before we left, we bought some donuts from deliciously big apple there, of koz i bought my babies : cheese ( x ingat nama sebenar) n oreo..purfect combinationn! now u know what the angel of death eats wakaka..

my little babies over there

me camwhoring again in bapple.

so after sacc, its plaza alam sentral! alah tempat yang selalu artis datang tu, during anugerah muzik2 eh? entah la sory la yer I ni bukannya fan of Malaywood, hollywood ok la kehkeh..So here not many things that we do, just did some sight-seeing only (window shopping ya know) and grab some flyers about Samsung phones from the IT section (nak jadikan kipas, shah alam is super hot even insinde malls!) 

So after yadda yadda yadda, we all pun decide to go back to our "lovely heavenly" cendana. and yes we went back "home" via taxi again, and this time it costs us rm6 only, very the cheapo meh? Kalo la SACC tu dah mcm KLCC mmg aku dah pergi tetiap hari kui3. n fyi, theres no wayang in shah alam T.T
looks like bahau lagi maju ni dari shah alam? kihkih

nah some picture for my own memories

SACC mall, x glamer pun

british india yg not my fav

ada guess beb but for womens only

found this near plaza alam sentral haha

plaza alam sentral's entrance yang x lawa

my "lovely" kolej cendana

xde kena mengena, saja camwhoring

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