Saturday, July 09, 2011

Minggu Destini Siswa

Last week from Sunday to Thursday was my orientation week in Intec. it was so fun yet of koz la, tiring. but i must say, it worth it. my faci and so as the other PMs are so cool, there are no such things like discrimination,bully all those stupid things here. fyi, i really danced a lot during this orientation week which is something i wouldnt expect at all! yup the taklimats were plain boring as usual since i always end up sleeping in the great hall hahaha, but the LDK was wayy awesome! we played a lot of games, like the mafia game that i love the most u know! this is definitely what i love to do! mysterious game. too bad i was only a villager and din get to be the murderers or even better the angel! ahahahaa..

And then, the faci (kak waddah who will be flying to USA this august, all the best sis!) and other facis also asked us many tricky quizzez that really require us to think out-of-the-box mostly from our observation. i tell ya, it was extreemmmeeely fun! yeah it may get u pissed off when u couldnt figure it out but once u know the games, u will feel so pleasured when others still struggling to get it ekeke..

the other great thing during this time was def the dances! it was a lot of fun! hehee..i got to dance the bollywood dance and the best one, the shishuashua dance which i enjoy sooo much! i never had a pleasure of dancing ever since i was like, erm, standard 3? ekeke..the PMs are definitely  awesome dancer, they really know their steps, esp the bollywood one which is so hardd..n oh, thank goodness i also get poji as my classmate since we both goth ALM 12M3. guess 3 is kinda my lucky number huh? 

My faci kak waddah in the middle

me in the dewan besar

me and poji on the last day of MDS

INTEC grand library

the nasi goreng kg that i have to wait for an hour! nasib sedap

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