Friday, July 29, 2011

Nassi Arab at D'Arab Cafe,Masjid Negeri Shah Alam

#np Evan Taubenfeld-boy meets girl. So this friday, aisha n I decided to give a shot at the nasik arab at masjid negeri tu that ive been craving for ages, (hiperbola gtu). okay so I just bought the lamb kabsah there for 16rm which is expensive $$$ there goes my money. 

Well i just couldnt resist it tambah2 pula cerita my CTIS uztazah about the fabulicious middle east food last week, hrmm she said about restaurant apa tah? lemme think. restaurant...arghhh later on i'll ask poji whats da name, cant remember! we actually passed by that restaurant during our rapid kl bus trip from seksyen 2 back to lovely cendana last thursday. It was near Plaza Shah Alam, which ive never been pun since it doesnt seem interesting? but the journey of going there might be harder i think since we have to take 2 buses to reach that place! 

erm so i chose to have lamb kabsah while aisha bought the chicken kabsah ke roasted chicken i think. worst bit was that the lamb just got too many fats, too many cholestrols, too many fatty acids, too many glycerols..(eh bukan lebih kurang sama ke?) x pasal2 boleh kena Angina which is cardiac chest pain caused by atherosclerosis  gak aku ni (mentang2 tengah blaja topic ni in Biology). 

and fyi, the prices here had hiked like mount everest ya know, bak kata azir : "dulu kambing and ayam set ni just rm10 aja". now look at how much inflations had affected todays economy,paiseh.. the best part is that the water could be refilled though i do feel quite awkward doing so since i am sopan2 gitu (yeke?)..okok stop mumbling, so here are some pictures as usual.

Masjid Sultan Salahudin Abdul Aziz Shah that i went for my jumaat prayer.

my lamb kabsah (the tomato dip was my fav!!)

aisha's chicken briyani?
p/s: that restaurant's name is restaurant zam zam. wish can bring my family to dine in here

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