Saturday, July 02, 2011

Restoran Tomyam Klasik, Melaka

So yesterday was my last weekday at home. I went to Ayer Keroh since my mother has promised us to take me n my family to go dine in at this restaurant, Tomyam Klasik Restaurant which is quite far from our home. It took about 45 minutes to reach there ,i think. Well the restaurant definitely has a great ambiance and decorations with a beautiful "desa" theme. They got a handful number of employess which i kinda impress n the service was just as quick too.

ermm, oh yeah this restaurant also got very efficient facilities ya know. with its own air-conditioned surau n quite decent toilets, what more can i ask for haha. and not to forget, this restaurant also has its own mini taman permainan for those little kiddos (surely not for me okay! pandang pun tidak tempat tu kui3). Plus this restaurant also provide a special catering service for weddings!! with such a nice deco (n nice pelamin!) this place is surely one of the great places for anyone who would like to experience unique, different yet fabulous wedding for themselves. Last time i went to a wedding here, the food was nice too! especially the sambal belacan, yumm3

okay stop mumbling. (pandai betul aku promote restoran ni kan? ) so last night i had plain rice with the very extremely tantalizing tomyam yum yum yum with telur bungkus my old classic favourite. since i was super hungry, i also ordered Golden Chicken with cheddar cheese (suka hati aku je  nak namakan makanan tu padahal aku x ingat pun apa nama dia,lantaklah ). with some mushroom soup yg i share with my sister , i was totally stuffed. haish mampus diet aku. Takpe2 janji sedap ekeke.
so here are few pictures for my own reminiscence. 

my sister at the restaurant

me camwhoring kejap

the fabulously delicious tomyam!

Telur bungkus

My drink, tembikai laici.

my sis drink, carrot susu

telur bungkus 2.0

My golden chicken apa tah

mushroom soup~

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