Saturday, July 09, 2011

Welcome to INTEC Shah Alam!

So guys, on July third,2011 a new chapter began! i was kinda excited about it actually , with a lil bit of nervous thinking whether i could adapt well with this university life or not! the idea of blending with other people whom i do not know most of them sometimes scare me off hahaa..

Alhamdulillah i got four other saserians whom i familiar with as my housemates, thank God i got the twin bedroom! but yeah, i din get to be in the same room with fit since he was so late that morning, gedik sungguh ko ni fit, mandi lama sgt . *oopss sorry termengumpat sudah hehe. so, azri aisha is now my new roommate while azir, poji (yeay!) are both my housemate since they got the doucle-decker room. and oh, in total there are 18 saserians aka valedictorians here. 

My other two housemates are Alem from sains johor (sajoha), another pharmacist-to-be and Fikri from Terengganu, i am glad that they are nice too. Not like some of those yg i met, so fucking annoying ya know! i dont know how they could brag a scholarship (jeles ke aku ni? ) or maybe they are privately sponsored students aka so called fama/mas. erm, i was kinda shocked actually that there are 42 private students here, which is quite ramai la kan. if i am not mistaken, the total fees for A-Level aje sudah 30k something..I was like, wow, are u kidding me? 

oh yes, i stay in kolej cendana in seksyen 6 which is quite far actually from Intec seksyen 17 itself. the journey from my college to intec takes around 10 minutes i think. paiseh, there arent much entertainments around my college! n so litlle choices of food! no mcd, kfc, secret etc within walking distance like what the girls in seksyen 18 got, so jealous with them ekeke. Shah Alam is definitely bandar dalam taman, lotsa roundabout here. okay so here are a few pictures that i took

Me beside my bed

my bed

the pantry

the study place, thank God they have huge mirror :D

my room is on the left

the sinki

my family and I

me with azri aisha my roommate

My family

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