Monday, August 01, 2011

INPRO stands for.....

hokkay peeps (or peep or no peep at all? whateva) so last saturday, me and my other intec friends went to Stadium UiTM Shah Alam for the closing ceremony of inpro which i do not know stands for what?? erm, international program competition? haih whatever..

we went there by bus of kourse (since v are so like gang bus sekolah here ok) by 6 something o'clock. then we have to wait for the last-call preparation for the ceremony which was awfully boring! i must say. have to wait for an hour or so till we finished performing the maghribs prayer, only by 9pm i think that the program started. hrmph, actually all of the competition had been done prior to this event, there would only be marching performance on that closing night. 

The participating teams are A-Level, middle eastern (geng2 uztazah), adfp/actp, A-level German, Ruskoj, (if u read my previous post u know what ruskoj stands for) and ausmat. OK so A-level team won dengan penuh grand lagi vogue that night with 9 out of the 11 trophies, but seriously i dont really feel so happy of even happy pun? a little pride tu yes, adalah. But worst thing is, the purple A-level t-shirt that we got (paid rm15 for this one ok) was not really worth it! I as the fashion critic cum fashionasta (ceh koya gitu!) really really would be giving low marks on this t-shirt : the design are not catchy, (its kinda cliche), the quality looks so bad and cheap. only one thing that i am satisfied about this shirt that is its sizing, which is OK OK terlebih story pasal t-shirt pulak..

hokay, so the marching performance was quite fun to be watched with the likes of MEP (team geng2 uztazah) and of koz, A-level which I initially thought to be so boring,but turned out ok la. oh yes! we also got a marching performance from Faculty Of Music UiTM (faculty of fashionistas ekeke) which is also in INTEC but none from Faculty of Education,dunno why. lots and lots of fire that night which i dont think are allowed in high school aite? ok so here are some pics.


berapi2 lagi

A-Level which was initially boring

but turned out to be an awesome one!

russia with aliens theme

u-know-this-rite. its korean, hangul?

self-picture harus ada.

p/s : cant upload all the teams pics, too many ><

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