Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Lost in Sunway Pyramid (well, nearly!)

Warning! this post gonna be kinda long (i think) since i got too many things to write.
Well last Sunday, the day after the INPRO night, me and my bestie from palam, namely zaliha aka lekaa with her palam friend, aisha, went to Sunway pyramid to have some fun! plus shoppimg of kozz hehe.. So i kicked off my way from loveliest cendana to pkns to meet em there. by rapid bas la apa lagi..before this, i supposed to go there with my housemates but since they decided not to go to, so i had to go to pkns by my own la with some risks. (alah dekat je pun, xde sape nak culik ko nye la..)

thank God i dont have to wait for a very long time for the bus to come, same thing happened when i was in PKNS. i just saw the U62 which supposed, i repeat here, supposed to go to Sunway, but when i shouted that i wanted to go sunway from afar, the pakcik (or should i say idiot? hrmphh) the pakcik just simply made a masam look while shaking his head indicating "NO",  closed the bus door and left me like an idiot there! curse u pakcik, such an irresponsible malaysian..

ok since i have to wait for lekaa for quite a long time, around an hour or so,  i decided to get my big breakfast at mcd as i was helluva godamn hungry! dah la banyak mamat bangla n hendon kt dalam pkns tuh, dah rasa macam bukan kat malaysia la pulak..hrmpph tah pape after nomnomnom , suddenly je lekaa n aisha datang menerpa aku in the mcd, without messaging me or what..and..........becoz of this all three of us missed the U62 bus that would go to Sunway as what lekaa's palam friend just did. and not so long afta that, the same U62 bus with the same ( half-wit) pakcik driver that i saw earlier came again to pkns! pakcik oi, sudah trang tang tang, jelas lagi bersuluh, tertulis kt bas U62 tu yang bas ini SEPATUTNYA menuju ke Sunway Pyramid, alahai x paham bahasa yang aku cukup bengang ni, when i am enraged i'll speak rojak! (eh isnt this is what i always practise in my blog ke? haish whateva) I suddenly totally extremely excruciatingly exxagerately hate that pakcik. well at least show us a bit manner, thats what a Malaysian would do right? ni tidak, the moment lekaa told the pakcik that we all wanted to go to Sunway, he abruptly closed the door (again with muka masam mencuka like vinegar yang sangat2 berasid) and quickly drove that bus off pkns, like Hell! hello, u are not the owner of this bus ok? u are just making your bus company lost some profits! esp with your attitude man..asjahysaokaisidfaadnmawhyaajsud (sabo jelah, pakkal la time ni bulan ramadhan yang penuh mulia, if not memang penuh la tuut tuut aje post aku ni!)

okok stop about that pakcik, buat penat aja ingatkan pasal dia yang telah humiliate us as we were so feddup up with the bus, we simply decided to go to Sunway by taxi only, though we thought that its gonna get pricey. well, actually, i was really shocked knowing that the total tambang by taxi from pkns to sunway pyramid is only rm15! Fcuk, if i knew this then obviously i will only take the taxi in the first place, boo u U62 bus esp u pakcik! and its kinda near actually from shah alam, the journey took only around 15 minutes i guess. alah macam dari SASER ke Jusco Seremban 2 la dulu, since the taxi fare from Saser to Jusco is rm16, so this one is cheaper! thank goodness the jalan was also not jammed, probably because its still early in the morning : around 11 am.

So went we stepped our feet at sunway, (frankly speaking this was the first time i went to sunway, pity pity me) , lekaa and aisah decided to go to KFC since they were starving! and plus lekaa doesnt really like mcd like me. and oh, sorry ya guys for not being able to treat uoll the heavenly big apple donuts since my money was really running low that time, dayum. So after they finished their brunch gitu, we all pun went round-round the sunway pyramid and went window shopping plus shopping.

Oh my goth! sales was everywhere! pandai betul outlets in this shopping mall ni memerangkap aku ye! too bad for u guys i dint bring much money, n unfortunately i have failed in finding a nice + affordable shoes in Topman since they dont have much sale for the moment. ok but good thing was, Padini was having a storewide sale, which means that every item will have at least 50% discounts and up to 70% discount lagi tu.. such a golden oppurtinity that must not be lost ekeke.. so nak tak nak, i just bought a chinos and a pair of boatshoes. eventho i also planned to go get a new belt,  but my money constricted it T.T

hrmph lekaa also went shopping spree, girls memang lucky sungguh, so easy to find stylish clothes yet with good prices in malls, how envy i am hahahahaa..she bought some things from this and there, since the sales was really everywhere as i said! and alas, eventhough i just met aisha for the first time (actually ni pun my first hang out with lekaa) i still found out her to be friendly and talkable! well since i am not very good in conversing with strangers, but it was ok with her..and v also gossiping la about lekaas hot story in palam, but malasla nak cite kang ngamuk plak leha kang hehehe..

okay after yadda yadda yadaa sume tu, n after i pun dah satisfied dapat makan the awesomely delicious cinnabon roll at cinnabon of kos ( it used to be in Mahkota Parade long time ago, but not anymore now, totally miss them!) my goth, it was so so so delicious la! i wish i bought the 4-pieces pack but it was all sold out! 4 of them would be like, heaven..and lekaa also bought the choc fudge at secret recipe, v all pun decided to call it a day. So around 5pm or so, we all pun headed back to the main entrance to look for any bus or taxi to go back to shah alam since lekaa and aisha will also go to pkns. when we asked the taxi driver how much it would cost to go to shah alam, then we were kinda shocked knowing that the fare would be rm30! fcuk! its doubled than our fare this morning! like what the hell, the taxi driver said the price hiked since jalan jam teruk, well this time i guess i have to agree with him. ok, settle about taxi thingy which was totally out of our mind yang tinggal duit ciput aja ni, (maybe only me?) so we thought that we would wait for the U62 bus only. but after thinking cook-cook, plus the tragedy hitam with U62 bus that hit us earlier that, our plan to ride that bus teruss kensel. so then , i asked lekaa if she had any relatives around shah alam that could pick us up, fortunately she did have her cousin who lives not so far from there...but not so long after lekaa told us that her cousin could pick us, then aisha told us pulak that her father could fetch us to shah alam. well this was such a huge relieve for me!

unfortunately...bak kata pepatah melayu, malang tidak berbau (well, ada kena mengena ke ngan point aku ni? whatevala) , we were kinda like blurred or maybe stunned and teruss terlupa to mention aishas dad to drive us to shah alam only, and not directly to puncak alam. well my mistakes actually, sapa suruh berat mulut sangat nak cakap kt ayah si aisha tu.. haish ni lah padahnya bila jadi sopan sangat hehheheehee..tapi! nasib baiklah ayah aisha tu seorang yang angel-hearted, many thanks to him lah yang telah bersusah payah hantar aku balik ke shah alam meskipun sudah dah nak sampai palam dah time tu..takde mereka, memang nahasla aku kan! semoga murah rezeki..and then i took a bus syarikat apa tah from seksyen 13 shah alam to go to pkns..well actually that was the first time i went to seksyen 13 which is reknowned for its Giant Mall and also, Stadium Shah Alam. So kinda cuak la jugak berada di tempat strange gitu, mujur senang dapat bas. Ok la i sudah tired writing ni, ok till then. to lekaa n aisha, many thanks! u guys rock my day kay..

my big breakfast nomnom

lekaa and aisha

damn u blurred pic, i hate u!

leha and I

cinnabon,so so yummy!

like oh my goth!

x shopping bnyk pun :/

lekaa and I again

aisha and I

salam aidilfitri~

Sunway lagoon view

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