Friday, August 05, 2011

Facebook Virus ngggrrrr

Ok actually this thing had happened quite dah lama gak la, but for me its better late than never, right? So the story goes like this, when someone i shall not name was facebook-ing, suddenly the chat window popped up, as if that persons friends wanted to chat with him/her. ah susah la tulis macam ni, ok lets just name that person as Z, well the fact is that person is innocent, only facebook (or fuckbook?) shall be blamed! OK enuf ady, back to the story, while Z was facebooking, his friend suddenly chatted him, saying :

"how are u?" (hawau u kalau ikut Melakan Malay)

so he thought that that person was his real friend, although it was actually "a shitty virus" which was trying to hack anybodys pc by acting as imposter, and its on fb! So Z just replied with something i do not know (of koz), then his "friend" replied :

"wanna laugh? its u on this video! (ayat lebih kureng camni la kot?)

and then Z teruss clicked that link which redirected him to a website that looked like a real youtube website, although it was actually a fake, silicon (main hentam aja) youtube site in the Internet tu! not the real one! so when Z found that he needed to download the "flash player" due to the unability to watch the video (as the fake utube site recommended), so this was the most crucial moment whereas the "flash player" was actually the virus! hrmphh memang dah infected lah lappy aku ni, nak wat camne nasi dah menjadi bubur aka rice had become porridge already, isnt it?

so consequently i wouldnt be able to access facebook website via my laptop for the moment. I guess it does have its own hikmah, which are i wont have to check my fb like crazee aite.. and plus, i am also no more a fb-addict, but now i'm a proud twitterazzi ekeke, now waiting for the launch of Google+ !! nasib baik la FB is the only site that i cant access, the others still work as usual.

Moral of the story, lain kali berhati-hati di jalan raya k..all of all, Facebook sucks!! (p mampuih u marc zukerbeger)

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