Saturday, August 13, 2011

Restaurant Zam Zam, Seksyen 9 Shah Alam

so today for our iftar (just learnt this word this ramadhan! pathetic me) me, aisha, poji n aisha decided to go to Seksyen 9 to try the grand-looking restaurant Zam Zam which offers arabic food ( arabic food is the new black). the journey there was not that difficult since basically seksyen 9 is not that far from seksyen 6 pun, but since we took the T602 rapid bus, it took us almost an hour ady, specifically caused by the waiting times! paiseh..

ok thank goodness it was not raining like cats and dogs and wildboar during that time, it was just a romantic rain ( gerimis senja gitu) so lowerlah my chance to get fever! hehe..firstly we thought that the Zamzam restaurant is super super big that it fills up the whole 2-storey building! but later on actually that restaurant is located inside a mall? ( i dont what is the correct term, mini-plaza perhaps?) called Oasis 9. 

ok masuk2 tu we directly chopped our table, the exclusive and beautiful one, when then we found that almost all the tables in the restaurant had been booked by others earlier! memang betoi la information yang aku dapat from certain blogs saying that this restaurant is a hit during ramadhan season, esp on weekends! thank2 goodness la there was this one table, only ONE okay that was not reserved by anyone. Oh how lucky we are? kihkih..but for me it was so so pathetic that we got the orange-plastic table, that is, of course tak lawa langsung. and in this restaurant also i have to speak english la with the employees since the one who took our orders was an arabian i think.

okay since they have a ramadhan buffet meal for RM39 per person, i decided to give this one a shot since i could refill my drinks, take lotsa food untuk mengisi perutku yang agressive ni  hihi..aisha also bought the buffet  offer when the akak that took our order said that theres also beef kebab in the buffet menu, turned out non hado pun kebab! that kebab looks tantalizingly amazingly smokin effin delicious hokay! cis u waitress! poji n azir both ordered lamb khabsa for RM15 each (way cheaper and more worth it than those in D'arab!) , for drinks : azirs Barbican and Pojis Honeydew Shake which was the bomb! ok afta that, went to Plaza Shah Alam for round2 then go back lah by cab, rm5 aja for 4 of us. Now let the pictures do the talking.

the Zam Zam restaurant

 L: azirs barbican R: pojis honeydew shake

lamb kabsah rm15

sedih x dapat duduk dalam T.T

the dessert : the ones in the plastic container are so so fabulicious!!

food food food

my berserepah meal, so tamak me!


the meals prepared to be attacked


aishas buffet meal, sopan gitu

aishas n my drinks!

my side dishes, memang tamak betoi


islamik sikit kih3


  1. wahhhh seronok giler....
    bukan nak ajak -_____-

    bape hinggit sepinggan penuh anak lembu ko makan tue???

  2. ala anon, sory la beb ku dah berempat time tu, muat2 untuk taxi hehe..erm, lamb khabsa =rm15 which is cheaper than dekat d'arab tuh, n aku punya lak buffet ;) t g sama nak x??