Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunway Pyramid 2.0 with Atul

yesterday i went to pkns and sunway pyramid with my dearest cousin atul. firstly we went to pkns since atul wanted to look for some baju kurungs, and they should be maroons. however, unfortunately she (or we) couldnt find a very beautiful, stylish, flawless baju kurungs in maroon, but in satin white and chocolate pastel. the place was crowded with people eager to look their own baju raya there. atul said the price in jalan tar is much cheaper than in here, and i must agree so. 

so after yaddayaddayadda rounding the pkns n sacc mall for around 2 hours sumting. we decided to just go to sunway since we wanted to have our iftar there. ( zomg my tutti fruttis there!) and oh, the smells from the big apple donuts totally seduced me, oh heaven. if this was not ramadhan definitely we'll buy that straight away! but anyway, lets patience be part of our virtues. 

since we were so lazy plus blurred to go to sunway by that shitty U62 bus, me and atul just go to sunway by taxi, and it costs us rm18 this time since the road was quite congested. its normal i think for weekends plus its around raya season. ok so we quickly reserved our place in kennys for our iftar since i know we wont get seat if we didnt reserve at the first place. thank goodness theres still some seats available. while waiting for the clock to tick at 7.26 pm, we just went window shopping and tried to find the tutti frutti since we could easily get lost here. as usual of course i bought some new clothes for me, harusla hehee..

but just like a mathefaker, i din get to buy this one beautiful perfect shoes since they din have my size ( size 8 by the way) anymore! shuzzz..maybe we are not destined to be together..later on, we met lekaa, but only briefly since she had iftar with her palam classmates there at TCRS which is just next door to kennys. 

oh and that was when i saw F for the first time hehe.. i truly do not understand lekaa for having crush on F? hrmphh..well beauty is afterall in the eyes of the beholder. later on, its Tutti Frutti time! my goth, this was my first time to indulge this frozen yogury, so yummy! but i was still quite disappointed since this tutti frutti branch doesnt have the cheesecake flavours which ive been craving for ages! but the vanilla flavour was the best one we had. truly.

ok then i reached cendana by 11 pm something, very the tired meh! much thanks to atul's brother and sister-in-law who had sent me back to cendana. now let the pictures crap.

my bbq quarter chicken , yummy!

leha and I

when 2 besties meet

atul and I

cute ;p

strawberry dream yogurt..ermmm

atul's blackpaper chicken. equallyn yummy

eager to eat this

camwhoring while waiting for azan

caramel choc ice blend my fav, oh god!

been craving to go to the place behind me like crazy!


oh my, so sad couldnt get this shoes ;(

heavenly cinnabon


thank goodness sunway got this, so so happy!

atuls tutti

my tutti!

p/s : have no mood to write longer this time since i will have Biology and statistics tests tomorrow! ho yeah!