Friday, September 30, 2011

First Swimming Class + First Repelling Session!!

Okay so by right i joined Res-q team, lotsa new things i gotta learn here, thank Allah. Swimming class, repelling lesson, meeting other people ,meeting Kak Ummie ( Poji's akak angkat kehkehkeh) , etc etc~~

but unfortunately, just as expected, my first swimming class which is conducted at UiTM Shah Alam main campus swimming complex, was horibbly disastrously extremely tremendously bad, or shall I say, i'm the worst among others hehe..but nevertheless, it was something i enjoy! i do. It was so fun actually even u know that u may not have what it takes to be a good swimmer, or at least, someone who COULD swim at the most basic level. Btw, with my miniscule religious knowledge, aint that swimming is Sunnah? well if i am not mistaken, then it is.

the same one goes to my first repelling lesson, it was like 'hahahahahaa, look at him, so damn funny!' yeah. I was like so awkward doing my first repelling ever, its nervous mixed with excitement and fear. FYI am not so afraid to die, dying at young age is actually one of my wishlist! indeed. My theory is that, if we die young, then we might not commit as much sins as what we might do when we grow old, yes, with the evil world outside.But whatever, stopp crapping (though its true), my first one was quite bad, i still dont get it how to use our hands as the brake? But of course, it was damn whole lotta fun! glad to watch kak ummi screaming while shes going down, and screamed "takutlah!" ahaksss....shes such so funny. Glad we have committed secretary like her in Res-q club. and oh, thanks everyone for this precious chance u guys had given to super non-athletic guy like me kikiki

The swimming pool ;)

instrument used during repelling.

the safety harness that must be wore.

the location : water tank near ALM cafe. i know, its pffftttttt

meet Kak Ummi Fasihah, the energetic senior!

me going down. daaa

almost there hun

pojis stuck in the middle hihi

Fitri in action. the so-called pro haha