Friday, September 30, 2011

Garden Cafe @ Alam Sentral : Worst Restaurant Ever!

today Garden Cafe is officially named as the worst restaurant ever existed on Earth! it sucks a whole LOT! the drinks made me wanna puke, its so disgusting! quoted radin's " the carrot juice made me a rabbit! it doesnt have susu langsung! plainly carrot..eeeww gross" (cehh terlebih pulak mengomen sendiri ahaksx)

Actually , after the Jumaat prayer, me poji and Radin went to Plaza Alam Sentral aka PAS to go to the pc fair said by our classlep earlier that day, oh maybe yesterday? so we simply walked to PAS from Masjid Negeri as its not that far pun. There, i saw many other cendanaians as well, but mostly my 12M3 classmates jua, all the boys were there too except the two chinese. after yadda yadda yadda, at the end of the day i bought a pendrive and a microSD card, each at 30MYR, which is so cheap, right? Sorry la, am not an IT geek hehe. Last but not least, the point is, i managed to get my new broadband, which is from Maxis that im using now! ;)

later on, after the disastrous time at garden cafe ; the prices there are not just expensive ; ( my choc smoothie which tasted so bitter, so eeewww, so disgusting, so not tempting, what else, so make me wanna puke, Radin's carrot juice was simply carrot at all, and Noel's watermelon tasted so so sour!) ,  the service was as well so slow, like snails. No wonder lah, the workers are banglas uolls know. I got so shocked knowing that the one who prepared the beverages were banglas! arghh! disgusting gila! dah la melayang my 17 ringgit simply for that, so not worth it. better i go buy some cakes from SR. hmphh. later on we just went to McD to have our early dinner. and oh, i don take any pics at all at the garden cafe due to its suckness. Moral of the day, never ever ever try to go to Garden Cafe.

Me and Radin at PKNS McD.

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