Monday, September 26, 2011

I-Prokhas INTEC in Majlis Sukan Negara Asahan : A high-class camp.

So last weekend some of the ALM12 Muslim students went to a spiritual camp called IProkhas, and all of my hausmates including me of course were chosen in this first series. Alas, only me, poji and Baom were from M3. Its Ok since most of those who were also selected to go in this first series are those that i kinda think as nice persons la hehe.

At first I thought that this camp gonna be extremmmmmmeeeely bored till death, with poor amenities, stinky foods, etc etc. well thats so normal for a normal camp rite? I tell u what, this is so damn different! its outta my expectation! Ok. I lied. I actually had already discovered that before i even go to this camp, thanks to Google of course. I already knew that we are going to stay in an air-conditioned room from somebody else blog. So its not that shocking for me hehee.

And it turns out to be so true! the room was waayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than this one i dwell right here in lovely cendana. the room looks pretty much like a hotel room ya know! it got air cond, shower with heater, amazingly comfortable bed , and the furniture arrangement exactly looks like a typical standard hotel room. Booha! Only that it din have TV and mini freezer. I am NOT kidding. well i guess how much did INTEC spend for this such program? Only thanks so much i could say ;')

Ok so the activities are quite interesting as well, particularly the jungle trekking program, which i could deem as the best program here. We were divided into team of 10, and for my team, its Fitri as the leader ; Fitribomb! Frankly, at the end of the day, we were the LOSERS! we din even have any marks! its negative 200 something honey! well whatever, at least i got the fun aite kih3. I actually kinda tired to write all the activities in details for the moment, just got back from cemara though. gonna edit this soon! hope i still remember everything crystal clearly.

It was Friday that day , i think its kinda easy for me to remember this date cuz that was d-day Pojis turning 18! We went to Melaka after the Jumaat prayer which was around 3 pm something. Reached Asahan by 5 something, kinda cepat sampai aite? Ok first2 we were told to go perform our Asar prayer first, only then we would go check our room number and have some rest. Thank2 Goodness i got a nice roommate, he's Ariffudin from 12M8, Manipals pal. I was sooo afraid till death that i may get somebody whom i detested as my roommate, but thank Allah i got quite a nice one here ;) he is wayyyyy more islamic than me i guess? kih3

That the upper floor hall...something weird happened...
Pojis name was called out, with 2 other boys whom i dont really know (Manipal's Mysterious) , to come out in front. Its Affan, our ALM senior who called them to the front, and then started scolding as if they had done something horribly (whoreibly) wrong! I wonder...well then since thats Pojis Birthday, then i suspected it could gimicts only afterall.. and it was so true! what a prank ! haha

the next day after a deep sleep in my room, i guess i could say that this was the best day overall. Simply cause  we got to do Jungle Trekking bebeh! so many activities, and thank goodness my teammates all of them were just as nice! even my faci, Kak Mahfuzah from KTJ was very easygoing! gotta do a puzzle , (toughest one ever!) , walk (is it? not literally walking neither swimming!) across a river, running in water etc etc etc. Got lotsa new ilmus (or at least refresh back) like tayammum, semayang during darurat..Afterall, it was such a tired yed so fun day! even that night got a very damn delicious dinner honey!

ahh the last more comfy bed later in lovely cendana T.T
We had Sayang Si Buta that day where Ucop gotta be the 'blind' one. He had to seek for valuable things inside a ring with his eyes blindfolded, and we can only shout certain words like Beruang or something, cant remember. Later, it was closing speech and prize giving one...Know what? we were the total loser! not only that we lose, our marks were negatve 200 something! Ahaks! damn funny! well for me, its ok since all the hampers are just the same hehe.. so now here the pics..

furniture in my room!

my bed. so comfy...

the look of our apartment (hotel?) we stayed in.

Me and Poji got painted in first LDK

toughest puzzle ive ever encountered!

go fitribomb!

lunch in the middle of jungle

meet Faiz. Go Conteng!

amin, me, fikri, faiz 2.

had jamak qasar there.

my group, u guys rock

the quite beautiful scenery ;)

dinner !

Kambing Golek, sausages, coleslaw, Satay so yummy!


  1. deliciousa...
    i love iprokhasss
    sememangnya pengembaraan diluar expectation...

  2. hak3 tahu takpa! mmg high classs yet adventurous bebenor~~

  3. is it compulsory to all students or for the elected ones only?