Friday, September 23, 2011

Secret Recipe Birthday

Its been quite a long time since i last visited my blog. sigh this all caused by my silliness not to bring broadband back to lovely cendana. blimey. okayyy. so i just done my CTIS test earlier today, where i got 11/20 only. ahaha so fvking funny. The highest got 19 tough.well whateva. And oh, my super gorgeous English lecturer still absented today, guess due to her kidney stone problem though :( may she will heal soon, Allah be with u :)

oh back to the topic, actually today 22nd of September is not exactly Pojis birthday, its tomorrow,23. WOW same date with my sisters birthday as well! ZOMG cant go celebrate with my sis, too bad :/ 
So for our celebration marking pojis step into OVER 18 world, we went to Seksyen 9, where i shall say, one of the heaven-of-food hotspots here in Shah Alam. This place like never runs out of a good place to be dine in. Be it cheapies or more decent ones. Yaddayaddayadda whateva.

So it definitely made me feel sooo fulled, least to say , fattening. urgh. calories watch! damn hate ya. But bad thing we had that time was that the service was kinda slow :(
for the 10% service charge that we'd pay, i really dont think that thats worth it. plus the 6% gov tax, hey thats 16% already! damndamndamn wish they dont charge the whatsoeva taxes, its gonna be way cheaper than. I just kinda regret that in the same time i cant celebrate my sis birthday :(

Oh yeah tomorrow all-of-my hausmates are going to MELAKA! the bad thing, its for camping kerohanian, ; the so-called I-ProKhas Kem for ALM muslims students. Hope its gonna be fun! #hopefully theyll provide good accommodation + bathrooms + good food too! 
now its time for the pics to chit-chat :)

Birthday boy!


our yummy cakes ;)

blackforrest cheese, the cream cheese OH! MY!

Aisha's NY cheese

Poji's Tiramisu.

My Iced Latte, sweeet with the added sugar .

Aishas ice blended apa tah.

Seducing spaghetti bolognese my all-time-fav

Aisha's Chicken Cordon Bleu (is my spelling right? ;p)

Poji's chicken meatball spageti damn hot!

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