Sunday, September 04, 2011

Raya with a Twist (totally rubbish post)

I know its kinda too late for me to wish u peeps Happy Merdeka Raya, but whatever, i totally have no mood to mumble about anything in my blog. even when opening my facebook account, i will also feel quite frightened, scared of something unsure. well thats why i frequently deactivate my fb, i guess? for me, raya this year actually feels nothing, well said TBH. its not just that my duit raya has depeleted quite drastically this year T.T but the spirit had just faded. maybe i am haunted by my past sins ? i do admit that i am not a good person after all but its just from day to day, my hatred towards my own country keeps on increasing. its hot, packed with narrow-minded people, its hot, and its full with liars. can i wish that i am actually a British, French or a Singaporean (thats hot too!) ? (how ungrateful, gedik me, forgive myself)

Truth is, i hate ... n .... well i think i can not say it here hehe. but guess that some of my bff might already know about it. its lame issue i know, but who cares. (at least I do not care). 

Sometimes, I feel like wanting to do a debate with this one uncle of mine who said that being a pharmacist aint good, that i should instead be a doctor! hell no! i dont want to be a medical doctor, Phd doctor? so yes! its just eeww, what a very narrow minded all the while u yourself is a big people in your job. He even told my mom to ask me to change my course ; like what the hell. 

i feel like wanna ask him ; "if thats so, then why u yourself wouldnt take medical in the first place? "   ( that would be so rude though. i know) .Please la, stop it, stop the rumours that medicine is for geniuses only while pharmacy is for the lower ones, stop it, thats so UNTRUE! this is why i hate malaysia (typical malaysians!) more and more. But since u gave me duit raya ( which is quite a lot) i have to forget this one jejeje. Next time, please do have respect on every persons choice, says, how if i wanna pick fashion design? or Culinary Arts? #typicalmalaysians

and oh yes, off topic, this raya i just knew that theres this one chinese boy in INTEC who just stays in front of my haus in lovely cendana, who had converted to be a Muslim. as for me, it could be good, but it could be bad as well since he converted at such a very young age. but yeah, Hidayah knows nobody, no age borders. I am quite shocked, just knew it from Tajul who told me when we met at Izzas haus. so he is the boy thats mentioned and gossiped during my last Ctis class back then, stating that this one boy had fasted in Ramadhan, which is so true! he is from samura BTW. frankly, i admire his braveness, just..bravo.

back to raya story, oh i forgot, i have no story at all about raya, jejejeje. i went nowhere this raya except that i went to meet some of my best friends from SGB ( best school EVER) in Izzas haus, thanks so much izza for the grandly lusciously delicious sumptious Nasi Dagang! love it so much kihkihkih

now some pics as usual. Oh yes, Thanks a million for those who were willing to give me some duit rayas, appreciate it! be it 1 MYR or even 50 MYR (the highest amount) , i totally touched by it. may your rezeki be even better. God's willing.

At kg

L-R : marsaid, me, Tajul, Linda, Izzah

L-R : Tajul, Izzah, Linda
L-R : cousin Nabila, me, cousin Anis, my sister :)

the three Tajuls :D

P/S : I totally forgot to take pics of foodies 
      #the only thing i like about malaysia is the Food. 
       (and several people)


  1. Haha, typical malaysian? I hate them too. I did met few of these people who are narrow-minded and most of them suggested I should take engineering instead of architecture. No way! When I said I can do nothing more than drawing, they would brush off my excuse and saying that I could earn more by doing engineering thing. Didn't they read newspaper? Architects can easily top engineers by doing less work than engineers. Idk actually but I think I'm getting sick of typical malaysian being nosy abt what I'm doing. Wish I was born as a foreigner but still a muslim

  2. sorry for the late (extremely) reply, din bring bband to college though. damn yes! people , malaysians, should respect others choice like what they chose b4. and oh, the number of engineers nowadays are like too many of them..oh yes, people DO NOT read the newspaper, they dont know the facts, they only know the fakes n myths, which is so so so depressing.kept haunting me huhu