Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Broken Hearted Entity.

Am broken into pieces.

Depressed meets gloomy mix with stressful emotions. That's me now. A mere person of a dead body.
 Am I the one to be blamed? Should I be prevented from something that I would die for? Is this what I am destined for? This was truly never happened in the history of it since 2002 I believe.

Am doomed. Why is it always me? After all of this? Please do understand that it is my utmost dream ever since I was gifted with the ability to breath in this ruthless world of box-minded people. Ever since I learnt the words , and numericals, from scratch. My heart is not a vessel of patience, a ship that will never sank, but it is just a fragile piece of bloody meat. Dead,and pitch-black, under the shade of Darkness. For shall death is better.

mourning over my own funeral.
Sweet sacrifice.

P/S : for Radin and Anon, my only readers, or maybe Izzati who may pass by my dull blog, pliz do not take this thing seriusly hokayh -.- I'm just in a mere of 'gothic' mood. Reviving 'crazee' yet gloomy era of mine hehee. Here is my first blog when I was in Form 4, the moment I was still in goth fever kui3. ( Password long time forgotten already =,=" )


  1. amboi, giwang kebebeh ayatnyer...ingatkan ko dah nak bunuh diri e ape tadi...

  2. aha giwang n jiwang lain ka? #darkpoem luls~