Wednesday, October 26, 2011

End Of Sem 1 + Demo Speech.

Yeehaaa! Semester 1 has finally revealed its exit door! Oh, no. Not yet, we still have FINAL eerie  Sem 1 exam, which will be after the study leave, which am indulging now ;D

Anyway, for our last activities in ALEL10 class with my gorgeous English lecturer, Miss Bazilah (really2 hope she'll be teaching us again next sem), we had the demon-strative speech. As I've posted before, I made some sushis for that. Juniors, if any who had mis found this blog ( If and only if this case would happen) please make a demo about food okayh, thats the most fun and easiest one I believe. Many of my 12M3 classmates also made some food too! So awesome guys! Love it, appreciate it ! Much thanks.

Izzati made some very very delicious burger ( her mom's recipe!), Diba made tempting fruit cocktail my-fav, Erna don some fruit cocktail, Faqeh with her very crispy-and-fantabulous cookies while Poji's icing on cupcakes! Oh, not to forget, Emma the ice-cream expert ;) Radin demo-ed massages, which is actually very entertaining! Enjoy every bits of it. Some pictures that I managed to capture~ 

Aisha's magnificent handmade bunga telor!

fruit cocktail in the making..

made with love. Faqeh, the cookies expert!

scrumptious cookies made by Faqeh

Fruit cocktail, very tantalising one! made by Diba.

Next, it's gonna be a tough struggle, FINAL Sem 1 Exam.Wish all of us the best.

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