Saturday, October 22, 2011

Epic Fail : The story of ice-cream

right now, I'm using Intec's Wi-Fi to update my blog as my broadband is already out of quota -______-
3GB is for sure not enough!! Damn ~ 
duhh how I wish that I'd have FREE unlimited Wi-Fi there in lovely cendana. Ok ok so last night remarked a memorable night for me, or maybe for us. It was the first time ever (still, the first time ><) of me making our own ice-cream!

Well I personally thought that its gonna be very impossible to make ice-cream manually? Indeed, it is not. This was already proven by my cheerful classmate, Emma, who recently demonstrated us on how to make vanilla ice-cream as for her english demo speech, damn how I thought its gonna be easy! but its not THAT easy. T.T

Its not so complicated actually on how to make ice cream on your own. You just need several ingredients only namely fresh UHT milk, sugar, ROCK salt, ice cubes, resealable transparent plastic bag, vanilla essence, toppings of your choice ( could be M&N's, rice chocs, oreos, etc etc) Thats all! no utensils needed! can make it even without fridge. 

Basically, u just need to fill in the ice cubes together with the ROCK salt into the first plastic tight, then removed the air and close it. Then , for the next plastic bag, you just have to mix together some fresh milk with sugar and vanilla essence. Lastly, u just have to insert the second plastic bag into the first bag, again, remove air and close it, then you shake them vigorously! Until you see the milks got solidified, then there you go! your own ice-cream!

But mind you..the last step that is to shake the plastic bags, was lucidly painful my dear. It will make u feel the frozen sensation, as if you have fallen into numbness. Its as cold as errrkk ice. Obviously. and also, as for our case, the first 'ice cream' did not solidified completely! and yet, the semi-solid milk tasted so salty! The second one, we made it, the milk did solidify . Alas, the ice cream still tasted as salty duhh. Then our last one, still did not solidify too but though it din taste salty, this one was heavenly sweet! Thank God. Nevertheless, despite our failure attempts we still got the fun out of it, aint we? Better still try next time jejejejeje

our yummylicious bapple~ bought before that.

the ingredients.

shake shake shake it. (Metro Station hehe)

look! the ice cream. or the salty ice cream!


  1. tak aci...bukannyer nak ajak...menyampah!!!

  2. alah bukan ka ko tengah bizi berwirid time ni? malas nak ganggu ahaks~ #jangan emo anon ea

  3. hype intec junior :)

    haha, we also did this during our first sem..enjoy ur life at intec ^_^

  4. sori la unknown...yap ko tipu la..kita buat after isyak kan...unknown tgh sibuk study CTIS...

    kena import NORAZEMA...

  5. cool. radin sila buatkan untuk aku stau !