Friday, October 21, 2011

How To Make Sushi??

So for the English demonstrative speech recently, I made sushi for it! and guess what, that was my first time ever doing that! I've never ever made my own sushi, will usually buy them at shops. normally in Jusco la.
I got no idea that making sushi could be lotsa fun ><

So now let Dr Asyraf Harun teach u guyss on how to make a classic roll sushi hehee..

  1. first.. of course, you have to prepare all the ingredients and the tools needed. 

these are all the things u'll be needed, namely canned tuna/salmon (but you can always replace with whatever fillings you like, salmon, salami etc etc), cucumber (other vegies can also ; carrot, lettuce), the nori sheet aka the seaweed,  the rolling mat (bought this at Daiso, can be found at Giant too), rice of course ( better if u use sushi rice), rice vinegar, crab meats as filling.

2. Next, you prepare your sushi rice okeyh. Just simply add some rice vinegar into the rice then mix it well together. Later on, carefully place one layer of rice into the nori sheet on the rolling mat. make sure the rice is not too occupying the nori sheet, make it at least few cm's away from the edges of the nori sheet so the rice wont leak when u roll them out . (alas, my rice kept on coming out of it T.T)

3. then,  place the fillings at the edge of the rice. For this one, I use crab meat + cucumber + tuna as fillings.. meriah gitu

4. next, you need to roll the sushi, roll it, roll it. But do be careful ok. After you roll them with the rolling mat, press them a bit so the structure will be compressed and tough.

5. aha, the last step. Ok as you guys can see, just cut them out. till u get this kind of classic roll sushi. next apa lagi, indulge! Taktau la sedap ke tak, depend on uols punya taste bud lah ya, but I like it ;)


  1. wawahhhh, sodapnyer...ade ekstra tak, nanti boleh bagi aku makan....perlisssss

  2. halamak anonn ari tu jugak abiss sudah~ takpe lain kali kita buat together2 yaa with radin too. dah la askem x jadik uhuks

  3. aah aiskrim xjd....

    yap buat sushi perrrrghhh sedaaaaap!!!

  4. heeheee thanks~ nak buat lagi but after this study leave plus exam plak~ duhh next sem mungkin o,O