Thursday, October 06, 2011

I Wanna Be A Vegetarian = Sexy!

Do u guys know about this one book ; its kinda popular too, Skinny Bitch. yeah it might sound offensive or sexually explicit, but fact is this book is mainly about how to get skinny by being..a vegie! well honestly i've never ever read this book or something, I just heard it somewhere sometimes ago. Oh boy, how I wish I am a vegetarian from born, but the seductions from all those meats are just too extreme to be resisted! How can I ever live without eating all my favourites chicken, tender beef all sorta sorta. Being veggie means byebye BigMac, byebye Meatball Spaghetti which would be uhuks uhuks for me.

Last Monday, no maybe Tuesday? whatever, my gorgeous English lecturer whom I admire her speaking fluency, showed us innocent 12M3 students a video about animal cruelty, the cruelest video I've ever seen seriously (showing how innocent I am heee) Try Google about this video, I believe it is at abundance over the Internet. Even the cruelty upon the pigs was truly sadistic, albeit the most pitiful one was the chickens ; with their sad faces and sick bodies. Chicks getting killed in a blender, how mean is mean. For me, at least these animals must be treated humanely albeit they are about to get slaughtered. Just like Radin said.

I believe that there are a myriad of intriguing free recipes and cookbooks about vegetarian meal out there, there are tonnes of vegan websites outside there too, catering for the vege lovers. Oh yeah, there are actually a handful of Hollywood idols who are also veges, with the likes of Natalie Portman ( bootylicious body, anybody?), Jared Letto (buffy veg) , Brangelina, wrester Mike Tyson (abs made from beans?), Tobey Maguire (the no-meat spidey), Jason Mraz, need more? soo many others. (I wikipedia je kekeke) . But point is, they must very tough mentally to escape from all those meats in western food, steaks, lamb chops, steaks, salmon steak, oh my...

Jared Letto of 30 Seconds To Mars; the rockstar vege

The face of future vege? we shall see how long it  lasts ahah

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