Monday, October 31, 2011

Ineligible to Compete

Omaigossh Izzah had tagged me her quizzes~ Damn I don't think I could ever pass this since it requires me to tag 11 other people ( how the hell am I gonna do that, my followers are just merely 8, and yet my reader..ahh probably less than 2.or myself only :D ) 

Whatever then , though I know I'm gonna mess this down, will still do that. It's so fun ! indeed. At the end of the day, I'll just tag all of my followers okay ( whether they do notice or not, I don't freaking know!)  
Ok without further ado, let's start, enjoy~

First and foremost ; the RULES :

1. you must post these rules. (daa easy.)
2. each person must post 11 thing about themselves in their journal. (stalker much?)
3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. create 11 new questions for the people you tagged.
5. you have to tag 11 people and put their link in the entry.  (I already lost in this :p)
6. go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
7. no tag back. 
8. you should tag 11 people. (repeatency huh? )

Now I'd write 11 things about myself. Guess this question is quite open-market huh? Okay.

1. NAME : Muhammad Asyraf bin Harun..f'course..
2. DATE OF BIRTHDAY : 7.3.1993 *koff*koff*
3. HOMETOWN : Masjid Tanah, Melaka. 
4. FAVOURITE FOOD : Spaghetti bolognese as well as alfredo! yummy!
5. FAVOURITE DRINKS : Watermelon juice, caramel choc ice blend~
6. FAVOURITE MOVIES : A lot of them, eg all Harry Potter movies, Titanic, 
                                Hachiko,Gulliver's Travel,Forrest Gump, I Am Legend etc
7. FAVOURITE SHOWS : Amazing Race (f'cos!), CashCabAsia (new-found-love)
8. DREAM CITIES : London, UK and The City Of Angels, USA.
9. SCHOOLS : SK Sri Laksamana, SMK Ghafar Baba and SM Sains Seremban.
10. COLLEGE : INTEC UiTM Shah Alam.
11. FAVOURITE BANDS : Evanescence, All Time Low, TRJA, Amely etc etc
12. WISH : To die young ;) (let's make it twelve then hehe)

Okay, done with my bio. Satisfied? hehehee. So her quizzes are :

1. how do we know each oher?
2. do you prefer cheese cake or blueberry cheese tart?
3.what do you think of me? honestly describe about me..thanks^^
4.where in the world do you wish to visit someday?
5. what do you do when you are depressed?
6. what is the most suitable present to give your sister for her birthday?
7. do you admire koreans artist? why?
8. do you like living in fantasy?why?
9. how do you think about REAL STEEL?
10. have you found your true love? keke
11. do you wish I can ask more realistic questions?haha..

Excellanto! Brilliant! keke. So my answers would be ;

1. from schools! We actually had met during primary school (SKSL)but too bad we were not so close AT ALL during that time, right? SO SORYY I really din remember you during that time hehe. Thank God you got same class with me in SGB ( best class ever!) awesome memories with u ;)

2. Omaigoth, of cos cheese cake!! arghh but I'd love bluberry cheese tart as well~ but since cheese cake is more variant ( SR cheese cakes omaigod!) and that, it size is bigger, so cheese cake it is

3. Frankly, I just think that you're funny! and sweet. That's the first thing that came into my mind hehe. Then I also think that you are unpredictable. Somehow? Oh yes, you are also the one who do not practice sellfishness which I admire so much! But I think you are in the type that tend to hide your feelings, kinda penyimpan gitu ahaks

4. ahh, I think you already knew? It's in my dream cities list ;) see, coincidence eh?? haha. But I'd love to visit Paris, NY and Dubai as well :D

5. Erm, tough question. I'll probably lock myself in my room, and monologued with myself
 hehe. Or maybe I would share my bad feelings with my close friends only. But that's rare.

6. Thank goodness I have sister or else this question wont be applicable to me! I'll treat her with makan-makan! f'cos not just I could treat her but I can indulge myself! hahaa

7. K-pop? you know, of kos not? remember lagu Breath dulu? SO so different with my own version hehe.. I just think that they are too obsessed with beauty, and would do anything for that. (I think so?) but sometimes I do love their sense of fashion. Only sometimes they just went over! ada ke the guys sometimes look so girly! rambut sebijik macam perempuan o.O Jang-apa tah nama hehe, sorry Izza! I know you are so K-lover

8. Yes! YES! So yes! cos I simply love fantasy and anything related to it! TBH I wish am living in a world of mutant like in X-Men, and that, I have the power to alter the time and shape-shifting (like mystique!)

9. Oh my goodness Izza, you just remind me of A GREAT MOVIE that I have yet watched! Damn~ Shoulda watch this when I went to Sunway last time. Watched 3 Musketeers instead. Gonna watch Real Steel super soon, Wednesday maybe? If God's will huhu

10. true love? nope, and I'm happy being single :D

11. I wish! jejeje

Done with Izza's questions! yeay..(long answers huh?) So now it's time for me ask the quizzes..errk do I have to do since? As per reason, I don't know much bloggers and yet my readers could be just me and 2,3 others only keke. Whatever it is, will still give this a shot!

So here are some quest I could think of :

1. What's your first impression of me? Do you think I'm arrogance? please be honest hehe
2. What do you think of my sense of style? is it over acting? 
3. What would you love to have as your birthday present?
4. If you can select a special ability, which one would you love to possess? 
5. What is your worst memories in high school?
6. Nando's or Kennys? or KFC or McD? a bit of why?
7. If you are given a choice  ; Universiti Malaya or Taylor's? and a bit why too!
8. Which teenage scenes you hate the most? like Rempits or Punks or even Goths etc etc? could be   gedik couplings too, it's up to you.
9. When people downgrade you, how would you react?
10. Which country you wish you are currently living? mine either USA or UK hehe
11. What annoys you the most?

Okay. Lame questions. I know. But few of you, please do try to answer okay, but at the end of the day, it's up to you whether you want to react to this quizzes, or simply ignore it. I appreciate a lot if you could spare some time for this hehe
If you couldn't notice pun, I wouldn't mind at all :D
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  1. derrr~ honestly..aku stuju gilaa ngan pndgan ko psal kpop 2..haha..although aku sgt into kpop aku nmpak laa bende 2..that is the bad side laa g betol laa...for them beauty is everything..kah2..2 aku sgt suke kalo artis kpop yg cool je..bodoh2..x control sgt..haha..thanx though for ur answers..suke!haha

  2. lalalaalalallalalalalalalalalalalalala~

  3. izzah : hehee. Tahu pun. So stop K-Pop now, follow Hollywood je kui3

    Anonymous : Anon is it huh? o.O

  4. i ur super senior??and u are my super! i noticed this okey, sometimes i just read ur blog and be a silent reader =p

    btw, i love k-pop =p it's not all about their fashion, but they are great dancer :)

    tgklah kalau ada mood nak jawab, asal bnyak sangat..heehe~

  5. Kak Jaa64 : yup! hehee dah mmg tu rules dia kui3..even saya pun memula like malas je nak jawab but due to no other points to post, so just do it~