Monday, October 17, 2011

INTEC Charity Run 2011

Last Saturday, I went to Intec Charity Run which was organised by some of the KO-PLN groups of my batch, ALM12. oh with some Aluks and ALG? as well. Tbh, I was quite amazed on how they organized such event, a very nice work indeed. Much bravo guys.

Ok so as expected. I was not the top 30. Neither the top 50. Neither the top 100.
guess I'm in the last batch eh? heheheee. (well I rather call this one as Charity Walk instead, since I stopped running at the half-way of the track, I think?) It's an around 4km running, so you can imagine how people like me who rarely run in this length, to be winning this event?? pfftttt.

but whatever it is. I had fun. and it was filled with lotsa great things too! There was even a free-flowing MILO drinks from a milo truck. Ah! what a reminiscence of good old memories! I totally love that fantabuluscious milo drinks! It did not taste the same with the ones U make yourself at home. and then they also handed out Nasi Lemak with some kuihs and banana as well. Thanks to this event, this was the first time ever I got a certification here in Intec. At the end of the day, they also gave us a bottle of Tropicana Twister and a bookmark.

Oh, as for the prizes, yes. I won nothing. But experience. A priceless prize. It's been more than a year I think since my last walkathon, which was last years Cross-country event back in my schooldays at Saser, I think? heeee
Poji came back with a lucky draw prize, which he was the first name called upon. duhh i should have won that Milo hamper~~ But what to say. no rezeqi I guess. and oh, the winner was a senior, whom I do not know. my classmate Baharom got 9th place though, although he should have won the first prize since he encountered a technical error towards the end of the race. He was the first person to come back to Intec afterall. You Qian got the 23rd spot. Erna and Geetha also got a place but couldnt exactly remember which spot it is.
So thats all I could say for now.

my first certs ><

freaking damn tired~

the nasi lemak we got.

free-flowing fantabulous milo!

it was sooo good I had 6 of them heheee

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  1. aku officer pun dpt 1 cawan milo..tgk2 dh hilang lori ajk pun berlari gak..hahahahakas