Sunday, October 02, 2011

Laksa Shack at Plaza Shah Alam..

#np Evanescence- What You Want. It's raining gorgeously outside, seducing me to fall into deep slumber. And as the rain falls mundanely, it suits with my feeling for the moment ; gloomy it is. Gloomy and depressed for something i do not agree with. something that i am pissed off. shoohzh. OK back to the story, this weekend kinda depress me since i cant go to Sunway nor Midvalley nor KLCC! to have a shopping spree babe. Am so desperate to go shopping now..and yes, shopping is such a therapy for me. Well said; who says men cant enjoy paint the town red? hehe not for me! I definitely have a passion for fahshion and food, passion fruit not included okay! hehe. 

Back to the topic, i am so so so jealous with some of my hausmates who went to Sunway yesterday, i badly wanted to go there as well! Jeez i really need a new pair of black shoes! and a new cardi too. Damn. Shah Alam could offer me great food only, anything more had to go to Sunway. (since its the nearest one). Damn damn damn. 

But afterall this Tuesday i will have Biology test. Like OMG i truly had not master my Bio yet, and Chemist too..OK OK stop mumbling, so today me and Aisha went to Seksyen 9 the heaven of food here, but still cant decide where to eat? so at the end of the day, i just suggested  Laksa Shack since I would like to give it a first shot. Either its gonna be love at first sip? or puke at first meal? we shall see hihi..So afterall, my rating would be 2.5/5 since its condiment ( I ordered Laksa Sarawak BTW) is not so generous, and even Aishas Laksa Johor was not so good, I have tasted much better Laksa Johor, and its from Bazar Ramadhan. for instance. The only thing I truly satisfy is my Bandung Cincau ; sweet and cold! Too bad, Aisha's cendol tasted so weird and its kinda pricey tough for 5.90MYR each. Quoted from Aisha : "PakLi's Cendol is wayyy better,it tasted like ice cream"  Is it? cant wait to go try it. (tak sedap siap ko Aisha jkjkjk).

Then later on, to satisfy my heart, i bought Tokoyaki, some japanese-food-wannabe around there, as well as some Krispy Kreme Donuts which ive been craved for for ages. Thank goodness they tasted so so so goood! superbly yummy! so worth it ok. Next time, am gonna try that japanese-like restaurant, though one of the lady there was so rude to me! Damn u bitch! Ok now here some i]pics.. anyway wish all of us the best for this upcoming Biology and Chemistry test yeah..PMR is tomorrow, (so damn easy, only objectives ahaks. miss it)

Takoyaki Squid

Krispy Kreme yummy treats!

in Laksa Shack.erm

my Sarawak Laksa Set for RM15

Aisha's Laksa Johore.

my yummy 'Bancau' which is included in the Set menu.

Aishas cendol. So-so la. FS cendol way better, oh  miss it!


  1. serius tak bohong macam blog jalan2 carik makan...heeee, -____-

  2. ahah tahu takpe, thats my to snap food pics gtu kui3