Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nando's + Tutti Frutti after futsal match~

this thing actually happened last Monday, only today I do manage to blog about this.
so that evening, there were a friendly futsal match and a netball match as well, 12M3 versus 12M5. This game was held for Sir Darfizzi's idea, our veryy supporting yet intelligent ( PhD student Ok..) Chemistry lecturer.

unfortunately, iniatilly it was raining so so heavily , its even thundering like so crazily~ so the games had to be postponed for a while, up till around 5.40pm something, then the games started. So yadda yadda yadda ( I dint play okeyh, just acted as the so-called manager and stylist-cum-phhotographer of the day only kekekee), M5 won overall, both futsal and also netball~ but after all, we had fun right.

So that night, due to we're going to have our English demonstrative speech tomorrow (me gonna rock some sushis, Poji ; Icing while Aisha ; fruit smoothies) we went to Plaza Shah Alam, our usual shopping spot, to go get our stuffs needed.  Radin also went along as he would like to get some TFs~

So we had some Nandos as they had so-called promotion (at the end of the day, its still way pricey, then the taste totally not worth it! it was not up to my expectation, well maybe it just din suit my taste bud. Alas, I'm so not going back. Kenny's/McD/SR definitely wayyy better!) so thats it. oh yes, that night, the whole seksyen 6 went black-outed. when I was still inside 7E. Thank God it din last too long tough ;)

me and Radin pose

gloomy, mundane rain

the boys playing futsal on wet 'field'?

at Nandos, service slow!

my mild flavour quarter chicken with potato salad and rice.
so-so only.

me in nandos

our drinks, we 4 ordered the same ape-tah-name drinks.

our TFs!

seductively mine ;D


mine mine mine~


  1. chocopresso la!!!

    asal ko jual gmbr aku byk sgt!!!??


  2. heehee lupa sudah nama , short term memory loss kui3..takpe gambar hot2 lah katakan~