Thursday, October 06, 2011

Oops I Violated It Again

Tomorrow gonna be tough, Chemistry Topic Test 2 waiting! and yet, am still not finish reading everythings, arghh so depressing~ And I Did it again! damn u, termakan chicken during my dinner just now T.T (pity you chicken, sorry dear but you may be in Heaven?)

Dinner today I went to Aida Tomyam at Seksyen 6 around Cendana ja, too tired to go roaming around. (Bajet nak study memalam) . I ordered Cendawan Fried Rice thinking that it could be more vegetarian compared to my usual fav NG USA. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I've eaten some chickens and squids in my food, but the proportions are very generous for me, way better than the ones in Seksyen 2 ( Zaharah Tomyam to be specific..ehem ehem) .Nak juga aku order at the waitress there not to include meats in my fried rice hehe, but too bad I still dont have the will to do so. Fact-of-the-day, Mahatma Ghandi was purely and strictly Fruitarian, where he only ate fruits in his diet. Not just no-meat, but no-vegetables as well! Just fruits. Impressive but torturing?? As food-pics-lover, of course I did take some pics of my food ;D

Lye Chee Kang

The not-so-vegetarian Cendawan Fried Rice.


  1. takperlulah vergii sesangat...hilang nikmat makan nanti... -____-

  2. ahah termengidam nak menjadi vegie la plak heeee
    tapi nafsu ku gak mampu uhuks