Monday, October 24, 2011

Pak Li Kopitiam @ Seksyen 18

Last weekend, after the CTIS Final Exam, I went to Cemara/Akasia in Seksyen 18 with my roomie Aisha. Went to Pak Li Kopitiam in Ole-Ole. The girls are soo lucky to live in a place surrounded by soo many good food, with Mydin and Giant some more, what more? #Oh dear repeatency. Cendana only got 7E and Petronas, pathetic huh? Quite. #Cant wait to move there next year.

Pics Pics Pics.

naked cendol w/o melaka sugar.

the true taste of Malaysian cendol, so refreshing!

Aisha's snowy durian ice cendol. Tempting!

Chicken porridge, the portions are rather generous!

my Golden Fried Rice. erm, so-so la. prefer the chicken porridge.
would pick the nasi lemak rendang or the western delicacies next.


  1. food road with Asyraf H..

    hahahahaha...kalah jalan2 cari makan...

  2. makan tak habis2...untunglah...nway sorry tak dapat join dinner kat seksyen 9 yer...

  3. hehe takpe len kali kita g sama yer.. mana lah kita tahu kan ada birthday celeb plak today..ehh last night sudah~