Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Subway and Tutti Frutti again before going back to Melaka~

Meatball Marinara Sub~ All time fav

my TF. Strawberry harus ada.

tonight would be the last night for me. fu fu fu its not that I'm going to die tomorrow! (though I like the idea of die young, don't you?) Tomorrow by 1 pm I shall take my bus to Heaven. Eh no. To Melaka, specifically Masjid Tanah my lovely hometown. Oh yes, for those who dont know, I hail from Masjid Tanah ok, just a small pekan in the middle of err nowhere. Don't know why, but so many people thought I'm from Negri Sembilan? why meh? Indeed I just barely lived there for 2 years during my high school days. daaaa rubbish merepek sudah~

OK. So last night, had dinner with my awesome classmates ; Radin , Poji and Noel Jacques, the Sarawakian. Went to Plaza Shah Alam as usual, my hot spot since that's the nearest food heaven, and had Meatball Marinara Subway. ermm Yummy x terkata! Then for dessert, had Tutti Frutti of course~ been planning this since Sat I supposed. too bad shahnon could not follow us as well since he had other commitement, birthday partay at SR gitu~ Nevermind though, there shall always be next time. If God's will. If there's still me existing on this mother Earth.

OMG my broadband is totally out of quota man~~ looks like I'll have to use Intec's wi-fi or my home streamyx for the pics

Italian B.M.T.


cliche pose at TF

so my fav, green apple + vanilla flavour.

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