Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Subway meets Tutti Frutti after a tiring jog~

This evening, me and poji went for some jog. As our preparation for this upcoming Charity Run pffttt.  Yeah its better to prepare first aite, nobody wants crammed legs, jaws, etc etc at the end of the day. The Charity Run will be on this Saturday BTW.Do I stand of winning? You wish! Even jogging with poji, I only managed to finished up till 4 rounds something only, while he, amazingly incredible , could jog non-stop till 5 rounds okey! Damn, even with this so-called jog aka minigame I lost already, you wish la ye for my victory in this Charity Run. Let us see if miracle could happen hehee.

Okay after damn tired afterwards, with aching legs hands everything ( feeling orang dah dekat 3 bulan tak jog, the last one was during July, so hangat2 tahi ayam ok) , straight back to Cendana of course. I cant just simply go to the mall with my sweaty shirts and tracksuit, hell to the no. 

Practically I went there to have dinner since I dint have lunch neither breakfast earlier before. Even Poji only drank Milo ( for energy  booster before running ngeee). So in Seksyen 9, after waiting helluva long for about 30 minutes inside the T602 bus, the place that I went to dine in was Subs and then TF which is just in front of Sub. End of story~ now let the pics do the actions since I really need to finish up my Biology report yang bersawang ni~~

My Melt + B.M.T. thanks for the "buy one free one" coupon!

Droolicious treat. Wonder why pics taken at TF always blurred?

another blurred pic =,= if not blurred, coulda be more tempting 

cant resist of buying this smokey delicious Takoyaki at the end of the day.
 U guys should give this a shot!

p/s: all these food are so my guilty pleasure..hate it but love it!! T______T
and now TCRS is back with is awesome increadible amazing Grilled butter Chicken on its menu, and then there are new restaurests in S9, ahh seduction!


  1. eh sejak biler plak seksyen 9 ade frutti tutti...kt mane???

  2. aha memang agak baru gak TF kat Seksyen 9 ni, memang hidden sikit..kat depan Subway tu jek..dihalang oleh booth focus point~

  3. as salam..sedapnya!!!!! unknown jom pergi jikalau senang...huhuhuhuh

  4. ahaahaa alaa jom lar p samaa t, nak g ajak la ku sekali huhu