Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sunway Pyramid 3.0

I rather call this as 3.0 as this was my third time shopping in sunway.. duhh I'm so not in the mood of writing right now~ juso do this for the sake of using free Wi-Fi here in Intec..So not gonna waste my effing broadband which is by right, nearly the limit already. blabber blabber blabber.

Ok malas nak cita panjang. overall it was a happy trip, managed to go by cab, which costs us RM14.50 only  (believe it bebeh! so worth it going there by cab..err when the traffic is nice to u lah) then going back by the U62 bus. Shopped a bit, here and there. pics pics pics.

scrumptious grilled chicken burger with cheese at Wendy's (not the exact name mind u)

the meal comes with baked potato with cheese (the meal's = 12MYR ++)

deepavali mood

bought this new cardi ;)

meal set.

Poji's beef pasta.

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  1. siyes lapa gle tgok mkanan kau..darn tempting!!!