Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vegetarian me so far?

Helo peeeps..(though I know there might be no one reading this junk hehee). No I am not talking about vegan, which involves very painful strict diets here, I am more into ovo-lacto vegetarian (which includes the intake of dairy products and of course, eggs in the diets) . Please dont be confused with these terms ok. 

Theres another one ; pescetarian (is my spelling correct?) which includes seafood product eg fish in the diet ( which is quite a hint for me). FYI, for these 2 days, I've been a vegetarian! Errr, Ovo-lacto vegetarian for sure. I'm still in baby steps jejeje, how come I can reach fruitarian within these days? ( strict vegan? 'count' me in. Fruitarian? you wish!)
But oh, cant believe that? here are some pictures to prove that ;D

totally vege lunch

ovo-lacto vegetarian lunch ;)

vegetarian mee mamak at dawood

energy booster : Twix (my english lecturer's fav)


  1. amboiii dah serius sesangat nie vegenyer...paasni tak boleh makan meatball dah...slrupppp sedapnyer

  2. zomg! oh noooo~~ my fav meatballs T.T
    but maybe kejap je bertahan ni kekeke.. or time hari2 tertentu aje aku vege ahaks

  3. as salam... it was a nice try....kita adalah apa yg kita long they are halalan taoyyibbah,makan jgn smpai memudaratkan

  4. kui3 vege mmg always halal pun hehehee