Friday, November 04, 2011

Bands I Love Eternally


Amy Lee ; simply fabulous! The one that gives me inspiration to fall into the beautiful world of darkness, aka Gothic era of mine (past history duhh -.-)

BTW, you guys should really check Evanescence's song too! The one I love the most would be My Immortal and Even In Death. Sweet Sacrifice, Call Me when you're Sober, Lithium, My Tourniquet so many more, are other many,many, and many of Evanescence great songs. Latest hits : My Heart Is Broken & Lost in Paradise. Simply fascinating.

#1. All Time Low

I certainly love all of their songs!! (or at least 99%) It's a tie with my old-time-fav Evanescence. Currently listening to : ALL the songs in the latest album, Dirty Work. But I really never get bored listening to their other songs, Walls, Too Much, Damned If I Do Ya, Keep the Change you Filthy Animal, Therapy and lots lotsa more.
All of them are so awesome. They truly sing to kill. Alex Gaskarth I love ya! #All Time High

#2. Amely

OhMaiGoth! I am truly in a deep sorrow right now. Amely is no more! Fucked up. This band is like one of the best band, and they got many greatest songs ever, despite this band is not very well renowned. I bet all of you never heard of them, and am quite positive that I guess I am the single person in my college who listens to them. Too bad. This band had just been buried without grave today, or yesterday! 

Hello World, Start Over, Come Back To Me, Sing To You are some of the many songs of Amely that I kept on playing. (only my hausmates in Lovely Cendana know how many times I kept on repeating their songs hehee). 
Awesome guys, you truly made my days. #Farewell Amely. Oh yes, some of the members had recently created a new band ; Sovereign Soldiers. Can't wait to check it out~

not just this, there are also many other fantabulous bands out there. MCR, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Greenday etc etc~ and also, mother monster Lady Gaga :D
Oh yes, did I told you that I hate Rap songs? Super hate. Lil Wayne? Eminem? hell to the no.


  1. wahhh, begitu goth bunyinyer...

  2. yang #1 aje begitu goth nye hehehee..bawah2 tu alternative jer huhu

  3. u shud sing up for to befriends with other gothic friends

  4. no more gothic duhh..just goth in fashion perhaps jeje...and oh, I just signed up for vampirefreaks only (long ago~)