Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Eidul Adha.

It may seem too late but it's better late than never. So yes. I hoped my dear friends did enjoy their Eid in the midst of holiday.

But for me, this year, Eid Adha again was just another mundane day. It was just better with the presence of relatives and food fiesta as well. Many may have gotten excited to watch the animals slaughtering, but for me it's truly a different story! 

I (really) despised the sight of a pool of blood, aka, am afraid of bloods~~ It reminds me of pain, not pleasure as what a vampire-fan ought to be huh? some of my friends really got the guts to sembelih some chickens (though not cows/kerbau) by themselves! well what more to say, they're future doctors afterall. IDK why but I can't see the animals got slaughtered, rather to wish me to slaughter them myself! Out of the world. Too bad the next day of Raya, I couldn't taste the scrumptious sup daging qurban cooked by my aunts. Went back to Shah Alam too early duhh~ Thank GOD the road was okay, so pity with Radin who got stuck in traffic jam for like 5 hours. 
P/S : it's been getting tougher and tougher day to day for me to be a vegetarian huhu

home cooked spaghetti bolognese on first eid adha..

Off Topic : been so interested with hot news regarding X-Factor UK. Albeit Frankie Cocozza may not have a good voice, but I somehow kinda want to see him survived. Bad that he just went (too) idiot. Oh yes, I love Johnny Robinson so much! watching his performances was sure an entertaining one! least to say, he may not a great singer, but he's an awesome entertainer! love love love it
Anyway, am in love with Taylor Swift's new feline, Meredith. So effing cute! cute cute Scottish Fold cat


  1. Wow...nice hari raye but mine punyer pun tak kurang happeningnyer....lame tak memblogging...

  2. yaa udah lama sih kamu ga membelog~ rindu aku sama lo punya blog post hehee

  3. insya-allah, u will be strong to face such was a hectic journey to be stuck as much as 5 hours in the bus.....

    However, there was a lot of lessons behind it..