Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's my new baby..and Immortals was absurd.

Another weblog today (the moment where I crap and keep on crapping). Well actually I intended to write about this yesterday but unfortunately my Streamyx at home has been slowest to the max ; as such the slowest in history. What do you think, 5bps! awesome! It would take days for me to download a song, like what the hell. IDK why but it seems ok back today..kott..hopefully..even using Maxis broadband here aint really help since it always automatically disconnected, which is weird. Plus the speed is not even that fast here if compared in Shah Alam.

So stop crapping, back to the story. Finally managed to buy a new glasses, my new baby now jeje. It's my third big-nerdy-glasses, the type that I've loved the most for now. But this one I pick from a glasses which was originally a sunglasses! So thats mean, I can always change my lens back into its original shades whenever I want, but it's gonna be awkward for me to wear sunglasses since I rarely do so. 

I think this is my...erm.. 9th glasses I guess? The first one was when I was in Standard 5. Ugly glasses. I don't know now where the hell are most of the glasses now. Haish. Some people may not like wearing glasses, but I wear it in the name of fahshion keke, well not really. It's just that I think I look better aka more fashionable wearing glasses. Just my 2 cent though. See how crap I am. I could just relate, or write other non-related things here, but nevermind though as there's no one gonna read this hehee. Just post this so I know the exact day I got my 9th glasses. 

Oh, I bought my glasses at my usual shop in Aeon Melaka, my new shopping spot in Melaka now ( since it's kind of a heaven of food~) Watched Immortals as well. Sincerely I thought its gonna be awesome since its trailer was so seductive. But blahh.. bit too overrated. too many bloodshed, I dont like that. And the plot is just nonsense. Greek mythology afterall, with the Gods, Titans stuff. just ridiculous. How come Gods could ever be slayed? (if you say they're immortals o.O ) My verdict  : 2 stars out of 5.

Oh, the pics. 

camwhoring with new baby

krr promotion pasta & chicken ; yummy!

hot choc for lunch

still camslutting~

oh finally, SR creme brulee cheese.
but prefer yogurt/classic/blackforest cheese though :/


  1. wooot2x in the name of fashion gitu,,, keh3xx kire ko nie memang tak rabun lah....

  2. no lah..hehe spek ni ada power la, just aku tukar lens dia aje kui3..

  3. hehe kam back Msia and get one..ehh jakarta ada SR gak rasanya...