Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Of R.S. and S.R.

Thank God just managed to watch RS ( Real Steel) yesterday. The movie was truly awesome. Guess my friends are right then >< 

Though it annoys me to watch such a very irresponsible dad ( played by Hugh Jackman) but this movie is quite touching actually, especially towards the end of the movie. Only that some parts of the movie is kind of cliche and predictable for me, but overall I rated this movie 4-star over five!

Thought this movies is just-another-cliche-wasting-time-movie,
which is so not!

Hollywood-idea (err in regard of child film star) that I got for this film is that :
then Dakota Fanning ; Now Dakota Goyo. Both are cute! But, Goyo is actually a boy, albeit initially I expect Dakota is a female name huh?? *Hint* : Another-Dakota Blue Richards
But Dakota song from ARTTM ( A Rocket To The Moon band) is sure an awesome song too!

So later on, since I was already in Aeon Melaka, which is quite a palais of palate for me, I'd rather go to usual SR for safe choice, and also, I badly craved for their new creme brulee cheese cake! sure looks damn good! 

Erm..Sorrowfully this cake was sold out already ( as told by the employee, though I believe they actually still din have this luscious cake in their stocks!), so it's ok la. TG theres my ol-fav classic cheese! been missing this one for ages~ Lovely lovely lovely~ Ahh, I also met Joker (real name Ilham I think?) in that SR, he has part-time job there. He's just my another Saser-acquaintances actually. Din eat much, even my latte couldn't be finished up. ( as it's tea-time, got a free cup of flat white coffee some more) . A reason for me to go to SR next time, to go get my Creme Brulee cheese!

ol-time-fav Classic cheese~ sweet sweet vendetta

tea-time. or maybe coffee-time?

usual iced caffe latte

usual menu

dive into splendid time with this : angelicious Almond Caramel Pretzel!

truly Pretzel Perfect~ (errk maybe applies to certain  menus only)

my ruined yogurt cheese..such a very guilty pleasure~


  1. f'cos la kan hehee..anyway, erm, it's ok la..

  2. sdpnya.....
    S.R mmg the best tapi kena ada duit bnyk la =(