Friday, November 11, 2011

A Tale of A Broken Heart akfjweuqnoq+@#$%!


I'm doomed. Everything was pitch black for me. I know I did try my best, I just didn't managed to give my all out, to vomit everything I knew on the paper. Again time limit was my fiend, my true enemy. The Devil behind the cloak. It's my Bio..
God knows how broken heart-ed I am after finishing it, no, I din't even finish it. This was truly the worst. I was too late. My heart is already broken. Worst is, my heart is already blended in a blender, just like how the barrista in Starbucks blend your Frappuccino, till it was left in pieces, or bits. Now, there you go, a cup of fine bits of my heart. (But I myself afraid of blood, how silly of me to say this.)

It's all me to be blamed. Sorry, everyone

I wish I have the power to alter time so I can travel back to this morning and force myself to answer all the questions with my speediest writing. But I am no mutant, am not living in an X-Men world, I was merely fascinated by it, by something that wont exist. Neither do I have Doraemon to help me travel back in time. 

I felt as if I was willing to die, as if somebody MUST kill this bloody bitchy slut boy who does not deserved to live. But I know I can't. But deep down, I wished. Please Allah, enlighten me in this darkest hours of my life.
I am truly grateful that this Exam is not something that will be deemed as "carry mark" for my Final Exam later on. I know, some of my friends, particularly the Chinese, had already counted how many marks they need to get an A, no, an A*. 

But me, I just hope for miracles. I was dead. I am doomed. How am  I supposed to get through all this..It was wholly my fault. For such being so bitchy. For not managing my time in the exam properly. I've lost a whole lots of marks already due to A WHOLE LOT of blank answers! I fucking hate thissss......Please Chemistry and Maths & Stats, please be nice to me. I beg you. and I beg You.

At times, I felt like crying already, but my tears won't come out. But deep down under, my heart is breaking, blended into smallest pieces. (should I rather say liver or heart =,=")

Ok. So to treat my ever-gloomy feeling, like a suicidal boy, I went to P.A.S. with few of my dearest classmates to have some joy. Had lunch in KRR, turned out some of our's chicken is not fully cooked. But still , mine is delicious as always, only the chicken wasn't that hot at all. So 3* rating only for KRR PAS. And oh yes, they only use typical glasses, the ones we could easily find in Mamaks. 

Later on, I truly wanted to have some karaoke ( walau suara tidaklah sesedap mana) but too bad there arent any K-Box for me to show my "talent". So I played Bowling instead with Radin, the pro bowler. Unexpectedly, my results this one aint that bad as usual? only two times got zero hehehe..Thanks a lot guys for making my day better. 

Happy times?

Gloomy, sad sad sad time~

my quarter bbq chicken with sides

Noel's healthier choice, no?


Vanilla muffin simply the best

see this? they just use 'cheap' glass instead~

my classic cheese cake.
Too bad that chocolate-cake-with-vanilla-ice-cream-on-top is sold out

Radin's Chocolate Fudge. Just average.

Poji's Caramelised carrot cake. he said it's too sweet.
and I dont eat carrot cake

the pro bowler~


meet my classmate Noel

halfway marks


  1. Seronoknyer....bukan nak ajak...nine yg nk merajuk nie.....

  2. uhuks its not that tak nak ajak ko but aku maluuuu gila with you guys yang all terer2 bio huhuu~ aku rasa down gegila time tu T.T

  3. kalau tak sudi cakap ajelah...hu3x**tetibe emo plak and nway aku pun terasa jawab cam tutttt time bio...sedihnyer -_____-

  4. herm yeke?? aku punya Bio Ya Allah I think aku la yang paling teruk huhu..

  5. ahhha...chill yeah!!!
    i had face the same situasion and it's also biology paper during my trial sucks!haaha =p

    never mind, just try ur best in the real exam, final exam #eh?? :)

  6. erm final exam sem 1 huhu..this one internal exam right, means no carry mark to the big final huhu..hope so!

  7. anon, bnda nie xdirancang...yap yg berfikir secara spontan...hahahha
    btw..rambut rosak!!!!(bukan nk tgur rmbut aq trukk..huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu)

    abg aku pun ckp K.R punya gelas mcm kt seksyen 2 je....=(