Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vegetarian Meals for a Healthier You.

OK lately I've been a pescetarian .. No meat .. been trying as hard as possible to adopt a vegetarian diet as much as possible, but yeah, its tough! I must admit that I'm a meat-lover too, but in the same time I think I can always live without meat, given there's no Subway, Kenny , Mcd all that fast food keke. 

and oh, Carbonara is definitely my sinful treat! very sinful indeed, just added up my weight by a KG just by eating vegetarian carbonara spaghetti just now..It's homemade okay, cooked with love by me, Asyraf ( eew that feels so gross + awkward saying my real name.. fact that I dont really like my name, wish I could change my name into anotha that I like! ) 

So, yesterday, I just had salad with cereal and milk, and for today's dinner, I had vegetarian ( ovo-lacto vegetarian though) creamy, cheesy mushroom carbonara. and salad too! I ate salad with teh leftover of the carbonara gravy, so cheesy! guess that I'm kinda addicted to salad for the moment huh? well it never gets boring anyway.

Well thats all for my vegetarian journey in this holiday so far. Maybe I would adopt Monday, as my vegetarian day! daa cuz I know I totally can't be vegetarian all the time, that would be so difficult, or I should say, impossible. So for now maybe I'll be just the flexitarian, aka, semi-vegetarian. Wiki it yourself if you wish~

salad with creamy carbonara as sauce..yummy

homemade mushroom carbonara.
very ovo-lacto vegetarian, yet fabulicious!

Nestle Fitnesse cereal with milk. erk x berapa sedap pun T,T

classic salad with mozarella sprinkles, good as always.