Thursday, December 01, 2011

December already?

Hell-o December! How fast time flies..f' need to mention..Ahh thats mean I only have a month left for my holidays! But still I can't wait to go back to college as well. Staying at home 24/7 has truly made me a rotten tomato. What to say, sleeping for 12 hours a day would only be enough~ #Damn. Just like a sleeping beauty I am. #EH

Sleeping beauty at home
(image from Google f'kos)

Next year I'll be 19 already, no longer sweet 17, or 7teen forever~ If and only if I could stay young forever. #crap

Oh btw, I enjoy reading Columbine and Virginia Tech massacre. Old story I know. I just din really bother about these stories before. Somehow, I wish it happens in front of my eyes hehe. It's just tragic. Eerie but intriguing and  magnificent in the same time. #anothaCrap

With that I end my post as I got nothing else to write. Just badly desperately wanting to watch Puss In Boots now. Must be awesome no?

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