Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Food in Kelantan

I totally ate a lot during my trip to Kelantan here, its binge and binge and binge! Haish. But mind you, not all the food I got here in PAS-land are delicious, in fact, most of it I despised of. Hrmph. Most of the pictures I took were the food I had during my breakfast in hotel only kekee. 

All in all, Kelantan, as for now, is truly not a heaven of food for me. Feel quite blessed here as I was not a Kelantanese hehe. No offense anyway.

porridge and stuffs.

Bread pudding and potato&onion yummy!

omelette with fried kuey tiaw and baked beans.

Salad. the cheese tasted so goood!

Yucks! worst Nasi Dagang EVER! Cant believe I had this shit in Kelantan, the supposedly home of Nasi Dagang!
And the prawn and squid also tasted bad. Gross.

Dodol in the making. At KL ( Kg Laut)

Awesome! this anchovies and nut with Tomyam flavour were so great! It truly has the Tomyam taste.

My favourite kuih from East Coast ; Kuih Akok.

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