Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fun Day at Tanjung Bidara

Hi's me again..alive and kickin. It's truly a priceless moment right to be with your best friend(s) , which, should I say, is a very rare thing for me. Frankly, yes, its quite hard for me to find my soul-mates, but I truly appreciate the ones that I have. 

So today, I went to meet my very good friend from high school in his home, as per what the Malays ought to call 'melepak', well thats simply what I did. Having a quality time with my friend and several of his classmates from his college, as they were obviously having a discussion regarding their English assignment ( speaking of which, oh how I miss Miss Bazilah already! ). His family weren't home anyway, so less shy-me there hehehee. Only people really close to me know how I hate to go to other people's haus, as if they know how shyful I am. Well I guess I can pretty admit that huh?

Later on, off we go to Tg Bidara beach! well practically this place is not really that far from my home, but I can say that I rarely went to this place okay. Perhaps due to the fact that am not so Gaga over this beach-thingy. Swimming either picnicking, I just seldomly enjoyed these LOL. It's always like this, even when I went to my aunt's lavish chalet in Pantai Kuala, which is also not that far from this place, it's my cousins, the KLites whom are all crazy over the beach! Guess normality could really breed into boredom perhaps? 

Okay stop mumbling ( but I truly enjoy this! It's my blog anyway, for my future reading maybe. no offence f'kos) , back to the topic, afternoon then, I drove my way with them to Tg Bidara beach ( it's definitely frightening for me to drive many people on car! kos I know am not a good driver T.T ) The parking was damn hard! Imagine what, I had to do the hardest parking ever, ( i don't know the name, but maybe it's L parking? ) which is terribling fucking off! had to park the car in the way it is taught, and tested in the driving school! It was truly disastrous and definitely brought bad memories to me back. Oh, forgot to tell, we went here because there's gonna be kind of a state beach festival there. As per usual, this fiesta will normally be held in Pantai Puteri, pretty far from here, but IDK why this year they pick Tg Bidara beach then. To promote the beauty of lovely Masjid Tanah, maybe? aha

The roads were packed with cars as well. But when I got inside, it's pretty shocking seeing not as many visitors as I thought it would be! and to my pretty disappointment, the events held were also quite cliche, which is boring. Just some sorts of beach volleyball games, "Radio Rosak" game, some kind of air-filled playgrounds and Rodeo cow which are definitely for kiddos! So we din try any of them, just came over to have some lunch and sight-seeing. Oh, how I really wanna have a nice fedora hat right now! Topman maybe? Oh, our lunch sucks! and it's expensive! my fried rice costed me 4.5 MYR! Ok I may not quite bother about the price IF the taste is at least good, but this one was nowhere of goodness! Albeit I am grateful that they served me a vegetarian meal, but the taste..just off. Oh yeah I also met my former classmate, Mamat, here, but I decided not to greet him at all as we had truly black memories together. Poor him, he was definitely a black sheep back then during our school times. Oh, maybe I shouldnt really tell about this, gross! it just makes me remember my old sins. Daa but we're fine now. I guess. 

Then after taking some pictures, (most of which are my own pics hehe) we straight went back to Safi's haus. It was scorchingly hot! Till I felt quite dizzy for the moment, blame the weather, and myself as well for not trying to be more fashionista by wearing a nice pair of sunglasses, which would fit well for that kind of moment!
Watched Merlin for awhile at Safi's haus before heading back home. Merlin Season 4, oh I can't wait!
Here are some pictures ( of myself)

Miami beach.. Oh I wish!

the focus is not me *koff*koff*
but rather..the dirty picture back there..such social illnesses, girl, u better throw away your hijab!

saw many mini-sailboats and water-boats drifting on the ocean.
Oh I wanna try them too!

with Safi's classmate, Ashaari.

rocky beach~

near the stalls in front of the main gate. God they're boring to death!

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