Friday, December 02, 2011

Of The Amazing Race, Top Chef and CashCabAsia

am not TV addicts. With time constraint and lack-o-tv in my lovely hostel, couldn't say more. There aren't much acts I enjoyed on the screen. What I hate the most?  oopss shouldn't say this. But I think the idea is just..tak kena..Ok lah malas nak berhujah about this. Forget it please.

still there are indeed some TV shows that never ( well, almost never) failed to cheer me up, enlighten my always-gloomy days.
This list is not according to rank/preferance, but rather, chronologically.
*skip this if you do not watch what I watch, certain things you may not understand hehe*

The Amazing Race! love it so so so much.
this one is from TAR18 aka Unfinished Bussiness, love this season the most!

Why I'd love this show? some may say it's boring. predictable. But indeed this is the one show where I get to watch many personalities clashing together towards the finish line. and gladly, I found most of the racers have very nice personalities! Alas some are so annoying to the death till it makes you pray to God for these lil bastards to get eliminated ( Zef & Justin *hint*) Oh, can anyone notice this one Goth couple in this pic? (Kent & Vyxsin) they're def one of my fav team ever, Thank God gotta see them twice in TAR12 and in TAR18. ( they finished 5th in both races so quite long for em)

But as for the current TAR19, my heart was pounding seeing my most fav team, Bill & Cathi got Philiminated~ They are such a living proof that even at age 60s, you can still be a great competitor, be it physically or mentally. Such amazing grandparents, badly wanting to see them winning it ( and not Andy & Tommy, totally hate fugly Andy) Only one fav team of mine left now : Amani & Marcus. Guys, you MUST win.

And oh, I have always had a sof spot for all-female teams, all-black as well as team grandparents. It's just simply because I like uniqueness. I love the sense of humour in them. and not like all those wimpy dating couples or jocks in this race, which I would automatically mark as 'the dislike team' aka lil bastards jeje. Glad that the last two races were won by all-female teams ; the doctors Nat & Kat from TAR17 and sisters Jen & Kisha of TAR18.

Zabrina & Joe Jer. Winner of TARA1

In Asia, we also have our own TAR spin-off ; The Amazing Race Asia (TARA), which is, something I should be 'Thank God!' of. What interest me the most, is about Zab's belief. As from my Google findings, her mother's a Malay, Zabedah, while her father's name is Vincent Fernandez, an Indian Malaysian. Zab's real name is Zabrina Fernandez, she's JJ's sister.

But I got no idea whether Axn will still continue with TARA5? haven't heard any updates :/

F'kos, I have always rooted for Malaysian teams, by which most of them are all-female teams. Girl Power. Rarely I like racers from other country, being patriotic huh? Other fav teams include Vanessa & Pamela,Ida Nerina & Tania, and Ann & Diane, all of which finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. so impressive.

Should I given a chance, a golden ticket, no, a priceless chance to get into the race, it would unimaginable! but yeah I do aware of the personalities they're looking for ( which obviously I lack of! I'd be the most boring racer ever if I were ever) No wonder most of them are already famed celebs. 

it's Top Chef! with judges and host ; Tom Colicchio and gorgeous Padma Laksmi
I started watching this season from season 4, but unfortunately only managed to watch seaseon 4,5,6 and 7 only on TV, but doesn't really matter as I'm downloading em all now hehee. I love seeing the delicious food shown in this show, most of the cheftestants are just so talented! I even thought that the porks cooked by em ( which is so so regular) even look tantalizing keke. 

This is my most favourite cheftestant EVER ;

Carla Hall Hootie-hoo! I love her so fcking damn much!
she's full with energy, and never fails to make me laugh
This one Carla is definitely beautiful inside out ( though she's pretty old now) but guess what? she was a high fashion model okay during her young age, travelling to London, Paris and other fashion cities had been a norm of her. Yup, this is all thanks to her exotic look. Put that aside, I like her the most throughout the show due to her hilarious personality! seriously I laughed all the way watching her in the show, not that she's a joke or something, just that I like her personality. Thank God she was a finalist in both Top Chef seasons she joined in. Though I did hope she would win. "Cooking with love" at least Carla won a car!

Last but not the least ; my new-found-love CashCabAsia

I enjoyed this show so much! never missed an episode..It's amazing seeing most of the Singaporeans managed to answer most of the questions brilliantly ( this show is produced in Singapore anyway. Good strategy Tourism Singapore, I myself become more seduced to go there). This show is pretty much like Teksi Tunai ( which I din get to watch, blame hostel life) just this one is in English, well obviously. Its so awesome such that I fantasized myself being in that Cab too, answering the quizzes! though most of the time I answered it wrongly, or I even Google-d certain questions that I've no idea of kiki. Some tricky questions I could remember, would be like, whats the official title for Queen Elizabeth's husband, which the answer is Duke of Edinburgh. 

Some questions even go for old movies, old artist which I certainly, might only heard their names! or maybe never heard at all. Like the girl in the Copacabana song, anyone? it's Lola anyway.

and oh, why is that so many Caucasians were picked as the "lucky" passengers? its pretty weird actually as so far as I know, white arent the majority in Singapore? It seems like Oli just intentionally selected them as his passengers, no? I smell something fishy here.

Ok la, actually there are many other TV shows that I enjoyed as well, with the likes of CSI, Wipeout, Law&Order SVU etc etc ( certain x ingat dah) but f'kos malas nak write. Till then, love.

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