Monday, December 05, 2011

Puss In Boots : Ohhh Cat stole the show

#np CIWWAF Hollywood. Actually this entry is meant to be posted yesterday. But extreme tiredness and sleep-deprived me ( plus some aching muscle pain, as per walking of thousand steps, why not?) truly hindered me to do so. Even slept for, urm, 14 hours today?

Thank God nothing happened all the way through my (bad-ass) driving to Dataran Pahlawan, my not-so-favourite shopping spot in Melaka. Only this one moment, where I stopped at a red light on a steep road, which I really hate, I pressed the gas pedal when the car was still N, silly! so the car moved backwards, and Thank God it din hit the car at the back, or else am so doom~ (malu gila babeng tak terkira) What a nightmare, its not even manual. Oh crap. The traffic was smooth, in the morning, though. Only massive traffics all the way back home that afternoon. 

OK so my cousin and I finally managed this Puss In Boots movie, which I've been always crazed to watch. Oh, we used movie vouchers to enjoy this GREAT movie for free! Managed to save MYR 22 just for that. Yeay! Thanks to my auntie for giving us those vouchers, wish I could have more of these in the near future hehe. Been quite eyeing for Breaking Dawn movie as well, but since I am no Twilighters, so maybe next time.

Omaigod, words cannot describe how cute Puss is in this movie! Especially when he's ( or should I say it's?) still little! Damn cute <3

baby puss

effing cute

There's also this one other cat, not so cute, but rather so funny! His lines are not much, more like a cameo, but this cat truly stole the limelight with his Ohhh catchphrase, ohh I cant laughing watching the Ohhh scenes all over again on Youtube keke

way to go Ohhh cat!

So overall I'd rate this movie as 9 over 10. Interesting storyline well blended with comedy, with a hint of cuteness you can't resist ( unless you hate cat, which is so-not-me ). The one mark lost would be due to the fact that I was also looking forward to seeing any other Shrek characters, like Shrek himself, but there's just Puss in this prequel. A must-watch movie, and a must-download movie soon hehe.

iced white chocolate coffee

Tried this satay chicken fried rice at RS. turned out : good, but so-so?
much prefer Thai style f.r. though

yummeh Bapple.
wonder where teh "Now you know what Angels eat" tagline goes missing?

Iwan's bapple for bringing back home. Every piece is truly a masterpiece.
Great Malaysian product.

very,very, very sinful treats, guilty pleasure.

Modest and simple clothes this time.

P/S : IDK that Prosperity is back in McD! must buy next time.

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