Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trip to Kelantan

Safely arrived home in Melaka this morning, after spending 4 days and 3 nights in my holiday trips to the East Coast. Same old word; fun yet tiring! So damn exhausted till I slept for 12 hours from 6 am to 6 pm today jejeje. Sweet revenge. 

Okay. So practically my family and I went to my aunts home in KL first before heading to Kelantan land. It was early on Saturday morning. Oh did I tell u that this trip, we went to our destinations by a tourist bus? Damn yes. I havent experienced holiday-ing via a tourist bus for like ages now! the last time I ever done so, was during my high school trip to Cameron Highlands when I was 15. Hehe of kos the feeling is bit different. 

Duhh the long trip to KB was truly tiring~ It took almost 11-12 hours ok! We departed at 12 pm something, then by 12 am we'd be reaching Kota Bharu! But then again, much of the time spent during the journey was actually allocated for many-and-many pitstops. Had a very marvellous lunch at Masjid Jamek Raub, all the food cooked by my relatives were lovely! Sure do, with an array of spicy tempoyak, favourite daging salai masak lemak cili api, bilis bercili, telur asin etc etc what more shall I ask for? 5 stars for all those home-cooked food.

Then we had another stop in Raub for some Durian moments. Erk but for me, its a no no for Durian. I dont really enjoy it especially when its raw. I'd only love tempoyak durian, or bubur durian, or nasi pulut santan with durian. Theres also many rambutans, mangosteen etc but again, I din go for that.

the local fruits in Raub.

After finally reached our Hotel, which was Grand Riverview Hotel in the heart of KB, I directly went on to the dreamland~ Damn tired, but the hotel was surely a very nice one! Its far from my expectation, as I initially thought that its gonna be tough, like real difficult to look for at least a decent accommodation there in Kelantan, as you know, I've always ranked Kelantan as the least developed and yet dirtiest state in Malaysia. Blame PAS if you want to. Me indifferent here. And also, my last hotel-experience in Kelantan was so bad. But this hotel is different, they even got sauna, fitness centre and swimming pool too! Just unfortunately, to my disappointment the pool is pretty small, would only fit kids I guess. 

Skully pirate ship

at the pool side.

with my cousin in front of the hotel in KB.

The next day, all of them were set to go to Rantau Panjang, which is located very near to Thailand, for some shopping spree. But me and my cousin Imal decided not to go along. Rantau Panjang is somewhat famous for jerseys, electrical appliances , utensils and blanket sold relatively cheaper there, as most of them are from Siam, I think?

Hell what, I think that place aint suit me well hehe~ Me buying jerseys? you kid me not. So I just thought that its better if I just laid back in our hotel room, playing some games on laptop ( yes I brought my lappie too. We can never be separated XD ) or indulged on the pool, which I later cancelled due to its small size, and too many kids there. Oh, earlier on that morning, we also had an excellent breakfast in the hotel, but still cant beat the best hotel breakfast I ever had in Sutera Resort in Merang, Terengganu last year. Ahh, what a good ol memories there. 


Caution : these pictures might scare you to death! No, kidding only. Not too scary maa. I was apparently shocked when I learnt that this hotel has also set this one "haunted house" well not really like that, since this one is pretty small. and not that wayyy scary too. In that small little place, which they had brilliantly set up to be like a maze to fully utilise the space, there are many fake ghosts around. What might scare you off is that, its so dark in there, and a lot of suspense! Here are some of the pics that I took.

am shorter!

pocong at the deepest end.

However, the food bought here aint good. My favourite sata sucks, it tasted bland, too many kelapa that I couldn't even finish one piece of it. Same goes to my Nasi Dagang, the worst one ever. Even my Sirloin steak was so small~  Here are what I post about my food experience in Kelantan. 

For the outings, I just went to Wakaf Che Yeh and bought a nice T-shirt there for MYR 25. Even when my family went to Pasar Siti Khadijah the next morning, I din follow cause I just dont want to waste my energy, and my time for something that I'd expect to be boring. Oh, my cousin and I also walked around KB city centre when everyone else went to Rantau Panjang, I initially planned to walk to KB Mall but couldnt find it keke. The only mall that I found was KB Trade Centre, only Parkson attracts me though. 

So basically I'd rate my 2 days 2 nights trip to Kelantan as 3 stars I think, while the food got 1 star only! seriously disappointed with the food this time! guess its just my bad luck to get such food perhaps. 

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