Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trip to Terengganu + Food in Terengganu

Ok finished about my travel post to Kelantan, now its Terengganu! Well frankly I much prefer a holiday in a beautiful island, Pulau Perhentian perhaps. Indulging in the mesmerizing scenery by the beach, going on scuba diving ( though I can't swim!) and feasting on seafoods, thats way better than going shopping spree for me. Maybe next time I shall go and travel there. 

So in Kuala Terengganu, we stayed in Seri Malaysia Hotel, which was pretty lame~ the hotel was still under renovation, so definitely it turns out to be not so nice. They din even have a pool. Seriously, Sutera Resort in Merang is much much better than this. I'd highly recommend this resort if anyone would go holiday-ing in KT. But thank goodness the breakfast was good! Maybe even better than the one in Grand Riverview KB. The nasi dagang served here was so marvelous ~ here are my breakfast there.

mee goreng, nasi hujan panas with chicken rendang, hash brown.

hash browns and keropoks.

Nasi Dagang and chicken cutlets, so so yummy!

Oh before that, the bus stopped for a while at my sisters university, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, not that far from KT city centre. That night, its food time! and this time, it was surely a very damn nice moments, the food were all goood! Had a lovely steamboat accompanied with fried rice, and some cakes ( to celebrate a birthday boy as well as several others whose birthday fell on July till December~ )

The steamboat was so delicious, I even took 4 bowls of it! 3 bowls of Tomyam and another one was the chicken soup. What a binge. The price is also very reasonable, MYR 20 only for one pax. So worth it.

the stuffs

Birthday cakes from Sweden Cake House,
initially supposed to be SR cakes but too far -.-

Nasi Goreng Cina.

tantalizing steamboat, with stuffs of chicken meat, beef, various fishballs,
crabmeats, squids, vegies, beehoon slurp~

So damn good, I had 4 of this.

Later after the scrumptious steamboat, we scrolled to the riverside area in front of the hotel, and what a surprise, the boys set a number of very beautiful, wonderful fireworks at the river bay! and oh, I had no idea that Terengganu also had their own mini - I-city now! Here it is.

Terengganu 'i-city'

The next day, its the last day of our holiday! ohhh..all good things must come to an end. We went to Pasar Payang which I've been to many many times before. I bought nothing here as usual, nothing really intrigue me, only women did some shopping here. Too many choices for women, and yet too little choice for guys, thats what I so hate. OK then it was time to bid goodbye to my sis. Lastly, I went to the beautiful Masjid Kristal there, and did some camwhores of kos! The results of my camsluttings ; 

And oh, during the journey back to KL, this was what I LOVE the most! its sata time! like real sata! What lovely sata I had in Aziz Satar, Kuala Kemaman, but I must say, the price has hiked a bit lately. 10 pieces for MYR 5, isn't that pretty pricey? plus, the size is smaller, I could only indulge it in one bite~ but no comment though, as the taste worth it all! so so delicious, wish I could have it everyday! The sata also got little or no kelapa at all which makes it so special. 

But the otak-otak was not up to my liking, I only had one piece of it. The otak-otak here is so different than the one in Melaka, I rather prefer otak-otak Melaka after all. 

10 pieces of wonderful sata, MYR 5

cute, yet dangerously delicious~

me and my cousin Imal at our seats in bus.
bidding farewell to the East Coast~

P/S : Super duper thanks to all my family for this awesome trip! particularly my Pak Uda and Mak Uda. God Bless you all.

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